Jump animation for the player

I’m trying to make a jump animation for my Roblox game but I think i’v done it wrong.

What I did was use my working running animation script and copied and pasted it to my jumping script and changed a few parts of it but it doesn’t work.

I used a Roscripter tutorial and did it the same as he did it I believe.
Heres the link to the tutorial

Here is an image of the script

The top is the jumping animation and the bottom is the running animation
The jump animation is set to action1

Do you own the animations? If you don’t that might be what’s causing the problem.

you should rather copy and paste the animation script into startercharacterscripts while the game is running and edit the animations from there instead of changing it through a separate script.

Yes I do own the animations, thanks for replying.

I figured out that it must be something to do with the script because when I put the Animation Id into my players animation it works but for some reason the script doesn’t.

roblox animations are broken right now


It is in starter character scripts and it’s both on the same script. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what your asking but it still doesn’t work.

try setting the priority to Action4.

Make sure the AnimationPriority is set to override any other animations.

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I don’t think it has anything to do with that because the animation itself works when I paste it in to my character when I test it but for some reason it won’t work when I use my script.