Jump button is not appearing

In Super Bomb Survival, the mobile jump button doesn’t appear unless you change your controls in the menu back & forth. The game does not have a replacement Camera/Movement script, which I’d expect to be the only thing that could remove a jump button. Why is this happening?


Can you post a screenshot of what your StarterPlayer properties are?

I had thought that maybe you changed DevTouchMovementMode or something else, but that and any other touch-related settings are at their default.

Do any other games you play have the issue of missing jump buttons on mobile?

Nope. From what I’m hearing from other people, this seems to happen & go away randomly in their games, which makes it sound like an uncommon bug that can affect a game.


Can you verify that this is a new issue? It could have been caused by this PlayerScripts change which looks like it was released last night.

cc @Garnold

People are saying the jump button appears when you reset. Yes, this is a new issue.

It actually looks like the thumbstick is appearing alone on the title screen, which is before the character spawns at all; could it be falsely thinking jumping is off because it can’t find a humanoid?

This could be the case but when the new character is spawned it should find the Humanoid. You have CharacterAutoLoads as false right? Also, you don’t do anything like rename the humanoid, do you?

Yes, I rename the humanoid to disable resetting in the lobby (it is renamed back to Humanoid when players are warped into the game). Does the playerscript search for an object named Humanoid instead of searching for the first Humanoid class object? That might explain it.

Looks like renaming the Humanoid is what is causing the issue. There will be a less hacky way to disable reseting soon. A temporary solution might be to add a wait() before renaming the humanoid after you initially load the character.


this might also be related some how. pops in my game frequently.
And i’m not even on mobile.

This was also reported on the corescripts github here:

I have not been able to reproduce it, so if you have any ideas why it might be happening that would be helpful. Currently I have just added a check to see if JumpButton is nil before line 56, but this doesn’t fix the underlying issue.

this line in JumpTouch I believe is the problem.

LocalPlayer.CharacterAdded:connect(function(newCharacter) if HumChangeConnection then HumChangeConnection:disconnect() end -- rebind event to new Humanoid Humanoid = nil repeat Humanoid = MasterControl:GetHumanoid() wait() until Humanoid and Humanoid.Parent == newCharacter HumChangeConnection = Humanoid.Changed:connect(humanoidChanged) end)
shouldn’t it check for a JumpTouch button before hooking this up? or even check if the device is TouchEnabled? I don’t know how JumpTouch works, but my guess is nothing is suppose to be running in it if the player is not on mobile.

It is easily reproducible by reseting your character at least once, and then setting JumpPower to 0 on the Humanoid. [Edit] In fact, setting JumpPower to anything will have the error appear, not just 0.


Thanks, that does seem to be the issue. I am able to reproduce it now and it should be an easy fix :slight_smile:


Jump Button strikes again


Any idea on when the fix for this is getting shipped? Having 800+ players playing on touch who can’t jump is… a little less than ideal

10/26 at the earliest.

This fix is completely in the player scripts, you can download the scripts from GitHub and put them into your StarterPlayerScripts to get the fix early.