Jump Flinging Characters

Those are never updated like they used to be eight years ago. #updates, on the other hand are always updated.

Changing it to fixed should be working if you have the same issue. If not, try creating a repro file and a separate bug report, though OP doesn’t seem to know either:

As of today (March 29th) the default stepping method is still “Fixed”. If you are experiencing any issues, there might be a different cause for it. Do you have a repro for the bug your game is experiencing? Also, if you could post a link with to your game I can try it out to see if I can find anything.

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Hey Sinne, I was wondering if your game is still experiencing the issue. I’ve been playing your game briefly the last few days and wasn’t able to run into any issues. Do you still have adaptive stepping turned on in your game?

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Based on your videos it seems like its clients experiencing the issues so I’ve also been trying with adaptive stepping enabled locally on my client and didn’t experience the issues. Just trying to rule out the possibility of stale flag settings on any clients.

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We have not been experiencing this issue anymore, it works fine in game and in studio for us.

We did change from adaptive to fixed just after I sent the message in this thread, which fixed the issue.

Previously with adaptive stepping the issue was really specific; it only occurred when 1. You had pets equipped and 2. Your dummy is thrown & in the air. I just tested this again locally and it does still occur.

To replicate best:

  • Equip 3 or more pets
  • You can set your power locally (Number attribute under your player instance named ‘Power’), to any high number such as 100000000000. This is just so your dummy stays in the air longer & you have more time to replicate the issue.
  • Throw the dummy, then just run around in a random pattern, stopping from time to time, while your dummy is in the air.

The glitching occurs randomly, but I am able to replicate it 100% of the time.

Hey Sinne, thanks for guiding me through the repro. I followed your instructions (bought 3 exclusive eggs! :laughing:) and was able to replicate this issue. Seems like you are using some type of constraints to attach pets to the humanoid, and the mechanism including the humanoid seems to be becoming unstable. Before the recent update the mechanism was defaulting to 240hz most of the time so the problem wasn’t as pronounced. Note: Mechanisms that have Humanoids included in them are finicky when running below 240hz in our experience. Would recommend that you keep the physics stepping method in your experience as Fixed for the time being.

I think this is an interesting case that we might want to look further into. This isn’t necessary an outright “bug”, but more of a limitation of stability properties of the (soon to be) legacy Humanoid controller. I suspect you would be super busy building games, but was wondering if you could provide me with a stripped down version of your humanoid setup with several pets attached to it. Hopefully we can get a better understanding of what’s happening here, which will help us release more updates that will overall improve the lower frequency physics experience :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to check out the problem! Definitely seems interesting with how oddly specific the conditions have to be, we struggled for many hours trying to solve it, thinking it was something on our end :laughing:

I attached the humanoid setup here, hope it helps!

PhysicsSteppingMethod_Repro.rbxl (108.6 KB)

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