Jump forward exactly 6 studs when spacebar is pressed?


How do I make a character jump 6 studs when spacebar is pressed? I want the jump to be in a semi-circle curve like crossy roads, and it has to be exactly 6 studs forward.


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ContextActionService and some custom animations may come into play for this situation. First, you may need to overwrite the default jump using ContextActionService. However, for the jump exactly 6 studs. I believe that there will be a better approach for doing this, but my approach would be creating an animation that… you know, move forward by exactly 6 studs. The animation will be played when you press spacebar, then, once the animation is ended, you can force move player’s model (moving HumanoidRootPart) forward by 6 studs.

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Interesting strategy!
I’ll try it out.