Jumping on a moving object

What do you want to achieve? I wanna jump on a object that’s moving by bodyvelocity

What solutions have you tried so far? I already tried using bodyvelocity on the torso and setting the bodyvelocity to the lastpart velocity but the result is laggy and it doesn’t always work. I’ve also tried this: Jailbreak train platform system?

What is the issue? The Jailbreak system works but at the same time the player goes forward

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Did you read about it?

You forgot to write on.

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Adding vehicles on the flight deck and other objects in the ship might require some thinking.

I don’t want this. Objects already stay on moving carrier. But I want to stay on it when I jump

What’s the right category? mate

Read the scripting support guidelines that @scRainbowDash linked.

You’d want to find the physics bodies that the player was last standing on and move the player relative to the movement of this body. If the player jumps than the movement of the object should be added onto the movement of the player.

This question has been discussed before. Please use search, you’ll probably find answers faster and better than you’d get otherwise. Take a look at this thread:

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Already tried… It doesn’t work

Would this work? I haven’t used it much but I think it might solve your problem:

No, it doesn’t work mate -----------------

What do you mean by that? Are these suggestions buggy or something?

I would suggest using Touched events to determine the target physics object. If the player is part of a physics object they should be moved as it moves. You can find the relative movement/rotation of the physics object vs the player and then move the player by that delta movement. This should make sure the player stays “in sync” with the physics object they last touched.

You could also restrict these physics objects to certain objects. I have no idea what you’re trying to use this for either. You have given very little information and I’m not sure how to help you much more than I am trying to now.

EgoMoose = god

How this should work? it’s just walk on walls etc

And it doesn’t work anymore soo