Jumping to a replied message and interacting with it marks it as unread

Description of Bug

This bug occurs when you go on a reply, click on the reply icon on the top right of a reply, and jump to the original message. Interacting with the buttons will cause the message to be marked as unread.

As far as I’m aware, this is happening on Safari, iPad OS 16.2, and Chrome, Version 115.0.5790.111 (Official Build) (64-bit).

When it happened

This bug may have been happening for a while, but it has been discovered as of 5th August 2023.

Video of Bug


  1. Go to any topic and search for a reply.
  2. Go on the message that isn’t yours/replying to your message, and click on the arrow button on that specific message to see the post this specific reply is replying to.
  3. Interacting with the post in any way will mark it as unread.

Not the best at explaining how to replicate this, so I suggest to just watch the video.