Jumppower and walkspeed in the game evade?

so i want to get a movement speed like in the roblox game “evade”. any ideas on the speed and the jump power in the game?

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They are properties of the character’s Humanoid instance which you can set from a script.

no, like the numbers of the jump power and walkspeed used in the game, sorry if i wasn’t clear

Hopefully, this will help you.

hey the developer here I leave you a link but I am also going to tell you something in case you did not understand:
The first thing you put a function which says if the player presses the walk key then it waits 5 seconds then the speed ( walckspeed ) you increase it there are many tutorials which explain it, then you put another condition (if you want in the same script) yes speed is equal to running ( the one you put on it ) so jump ( jumpower ) is equal to blah blah blah

:skull: so everyone didn’t really understand what i meant so heres what i meant, in roblox you ave walk speed and jump height right? so i want to know the top speed of the player and the jump height, nothing more and nothing less. not some crazy mechanic, just numbers.

I only know that the maximum speed that Roblox leaves I think is 1000 and with that I would run the map in a second and I used to use the jump in 1000 and in the end I never fall and if I fall my character can’t stand the fall

Why do u need to copy the exact speed and jp anyway just use ur own numbers that seem right to you. And besides how would we know that anyway

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