Jumpscare Gui not working, No errors, any help?

Help? Please?

Hi @JoyfulTaco

Where is Located the Jumpscare Image?

StarterGui, ServerStorage, ReplicatedStorage?

And Are You Sure That The Event Is Fired? Can You Add A Print in the “Local Script” Where you put the function of the jumpscare and tell me if The event is fired?

Also Why Are You firing All the Clients? When I think that only that of a specific player needs to be fired

its is on replicated storage sir!

I just got this model from my other game and changed the id product to the new game

If It’s On The ReplicatedStorage you need to clone it In The PlayerGui

I Don’t see any function that clone object in you’re script.

how? can u add my dizzy JoyfulTaco 1000 then send an example

wdym??? How and ??? What??? Mmmmmm

Currently I can recommend the functions to use, to do so it is recommended to have a minimum knowledge of scripting.

Maybe try to not put the local image into a table unless you are willing to put more images in there.
Second, your firing a client instead of the whole server.
You cannot fire a client on a local script.
Or if it’s not working check if the GUI is transparent or visible.

can u make me a script ?? btw not on the gui

Do not come to this forum asking for other users to create scripts for you.