Jurassic Park Spinosaurus

This is a spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3 ive been working on, I have been working on it for the past week and made many revisions, any constructive criticism is welcome here. I have yet to start doing some proper animations but it has a full rig on it. (Rain API was from buildthomas)


In my opinion it looks too smooth, shiny and looks like plastic. It needs a more rough texture and I think that would look really good.



Plasticosaurus is a plastic toy dinosaur made by TheOnly0ne that resembles a spinosaurus. It is wonderfully molded that captured the details of the eyes and the nostrils. Wow! Amazing Details. However, these details are inconsistent all throughout the meshes. Though, it is understandable since such details would create more triangles.

How do I improve my dinosaur?

Okay, enough of the silly thing I wrote. To be frank, your mesh looks great which is unfortunately ruined by the material/texture. The material is too shiny (See Green Circles) which is conflicting with the idea of a dinosaur that is rough, scary, and scaly. In this case, the dinosaur looked like a plastic toy caused by excessive highlights. Also, this disconnection is bothering me (See Blue Circle) which I believe is caused by the smooth shaders.

To improve your work, I suggest adding details through texturing. This way you can add scales and other fine details to bump up your dinosaur. Texturing is tedious but it is all worth the trouble!



There isn’t much I can do about the line disconnecting, however I can look into some custom textures for the overall creature, this is a very bright map for showing it off however and it may not look as much like a plastic toy in the actual map I plan to have it in, like I said I will look into custom textures and I thank you for pointing out that issue and giving me a suggestion to fix it!

EDIT: I may wait for Roblox to release custom texturing with customisation reflection and stuff before re texturing it, that would most likely make life easier for me while not degrading quality.