[JUS] [Nuclear Football] Looking for Scripter

Hello, I am the Head Developer of JxcobMattis’s United States of America

Unlike most Ro-Nations this one actually strives for realism in it’s development and governance.

We’re looking for someone who is able to script the President’s Nuclear Football which is a satchel that contains the nuclear codes.

We’re hoping the functions are somewhat like this:

  • place it down anywhere and pick it back up

  • Take out another briefcase within the satchel which opens up

  • inside the actual brief case is a phone in which it would ring after 5 seconds

  • when you click on the phone it displays text in which the biscuit comes in handy which displays the answers to the coded message

  • After the phone is finished verifying it’ll display numbers which you’ll then save then click off the phone

  • After clicking off the phone you type the code in the keypad which arms the football

  • after arming the football you click on the screen in which would bring up a GUI of the map which you can interact with to gather the coordinates for the nuke to go to

  • after finding the location you want, you turn the key and then press the button in which the nuke would fly out of a silo.

If interested, direct message me. NotoriousJUSFounder#6139

This should be in #collaboration:recruitment, which anybody can access.

Also, this is very vague in detail, please leave more details

How much would you pay for this anyway? This requires tons of animations and deserves more than some 2-5k :confused:

We only have 4 thousand ROBUX :confused:

hmm maybe 1-2k :robux_gold: then, depends if the scripter you want to hire will take less

We did have another developer make it but he wanted like 150$

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