Just a game created within 48 hours

The past years, i have been learning scripting while working on my main projet. 2 days ago, i decided to take a small break of 48 hours to create a small game within this time.

With this project, my goal was just to create a playable fun game and obviously it can be better if i keep working on it.

Although, my goal wasn’t to stay on this project for more than 2 days, i would like to have some feedback and suggestions if anyone has something to say (maybe i will improve this game, i don’t really know right now)

Thank you for reading my post!

Here is my small game:
The Grid

  • Fighting game type
  • Quick games
  • Free movements
  • Require at least 2 players because this is player vs player (for a maximum of 50 players per server)

I really like the concept and the fighting mechanics. You could possible lower the amount of screen shake when using attacks, and make custom animations to make your game even more unique.

Thanks for your feedback!
Yeah you are not wrong, maybe the screen shakes too much.

About custom animations, i didn’t push the game furthermore because i don’t know if i will keep working on it later but good points

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