Just a look at one of my game maps

I want to show you guys the map of my game … which is strange but has an interesting story.

so … I want to know what you think … (if you see random things … it’s because they were done on purpose)

:wink: :wink:

(is not done yet!! only a few light poles are missing…)


I think it looks great. It seems to use free models, which is perfectly fine, and it is put together very nicely. Although it is filled with very random areas it is very dynamic and seems like an interesting place to explore! Good work! :grin:

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It’s nice but it seems a little bit empty, there aren’t many places to go to. Maybe you can add…

  • A food court
  • Pool area
  • Restrooms (if you haven’t, I’m guessing you don’t have it)
  • Horse carousel

Also the lighting isn’t the best, try and change it up a bit. That’s all I can think of! I hope you’ll find this helpful and good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hey, Thanks for the feedback!!! :heart:

now that I see it if it is a little empty, so i will add more things to explore :wink:

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i use free models bc thats a part of the history im making on my game…

yeah i put the npc saying that bc i find it funny that some devs hates alot the free modeled games :wink:

is a adventure game whit a interesting history if i can say… :wink:

The lamps should get redone, so you don’t need 500 per pathway. Other than that, it looks good.

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