Just a small question about the animation objects

Hello, currently I’ve had a question based mostly on lag and animations.

First of all, what’s the best approximate amount of parts for the experience so most users don’t experience their FPS going down and the same goes with the loading in/connection.

Second, What’s the best considerable object used for animations? MeshPart, Part or Union? (Also, third: Is it recommended to use Unions or transform them to MeshParts for animations?)

Forth, Humanoid or AnimationController is considered better, or is there a difference between them in situations of animating a custom object (Default characters get Humanoid so they’re easily animatable, but same could work with situations when you insert a AnimationController and it’ll still work and be animatable)?

And lastly, I’ve had sometimes an issue with animating parts and most of the time they don’t even want to move in the animator ending up with confusion over the question “What’s the problem?”, has anybody with that experience of the issue able to summarize the issue and how to easily prevent it or just fix situation when that happens?

(The object doesn’t move at all, though I’ve properly welded and jointed the object right. I’ve tried different kinds of objects like instead of the union I did meshes then so I tried normal parts, none worked for some reason).

I hope this is the right topic I`m doing this at, if not then I terribly am sorry.
Also, this is my first time using DevForums after waiting 2 years for access since I wanted to generally ask questions when I had issues.


First - Depending on your game: scripts, phisycal objects and etc.
Second - Doesn’t matter
Third - I guess better to use animation controller, since humanoid is actually live npc and so.
Forth - Sometimes this happens, sometimes it’s becouse of parts intersecting in each other.

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I recommend you use tweenservice for animations, but for your case, does the model have a primary root part, which is anchored? I’ve seen this be the issue multiple times before.

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Amazing! I didn’t know that! Thanks a lot for the help!