Just finished my first game!

Hello developers! i started scripting 3 days ago, and i just finished my first game! if you want, you can check the game, (its a drawing game) and i would highly appreciate feedback.

Game link: draw anything! [COLORS!] - Roblox

(P.S. i need to go to sleep, so i will respond tomorrow)


Doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot to do. If you just started scripting 3 days ago, this is probably pretty adequate for a first game.


I’d say this is a good first try, and I’m glad you have a vision in mind. Keep tweaking it! I believe it has potential.
Unfortunately, when I tried to change color it didn’t work, but it did update the color I chose in the leaderboard.

(Also, I’m not sure ClickDetectors are the best way to make a painting/drawing game)


I just played your game for around a minute and I noticed a minor bug.

Minor bugs

Well when I started to use the colors I noticed when I clicked white it got stuck on the white. The only color I saw working was red.

Some things you should fix/add imo
  • The UI looks kinda plain, but u can easily fix that.
  • Maybe add something to the map, because all is see is a baseplate with some color thing on top.
  • Maybe add a global leaderboard for time played.

Well since this is your first game I think it’s a pretty good start!
I hope to see more things from you later in ur developing. :smile:


thank you for the ideas! ill try and implement them :smile:

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Hey, played your game, and have a few suggestions for it:

  • Your text on the colour UI is overlapping. You might want to scale them slightly.

  • An idea is that you can make this into a multiplayer game, where each Player can get their own platform. Players can open their platforms for others to teleport and view their work.

  • You might want to add some badges to engage users to play your game for a longer time, and to discover the mechanics of it.


It’s great so far, I think it’d be better if you gave us a larger canvas and RGB Sliders/Color Wheel so we’d have a larger assortment of colors. It would also be great if we had the ability to drag on the canvas in order to create lines and strokes.


amazing first gamne. this is what my friends an I created.

i mean, for a first game i guess it’s pretty good

Only been programming for 3 days? Wow! You should be proud of yourself!

While there are certainly flaws in the game, I’d say you got a fun base! Maybe it could be a competition game where people draw things based on a prompt? Or maybe just a big old board where people can draw things? There’s tons of fun things you could do to continue the concept!

I wish you the best of luck in the future with your new scripting knowledge!

Can you add an eraser (resets pixel color to the color of the canvas)

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