Just Fun ツ Hangout

Just Fun ツ Hangout

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Just Fun ツ Hangout is a fun hangout game where you can socialize and make friends.

📒 | Update log

Version 8.0 (most recent)
  • Made several UI improvements.
  • Fixed bug where coins didn't save correctly.
  • Everyone now receives 1000 coins when first playing the game.

Version 7.0
  • Total remake (changes below).
  • Changed name from "Just Fun ツ Group Hangout" to "Just Fun ツ Hangout" (as being a group member is no longer required to join the game).
  • Added coins (we will soon launch purchases with coins).
  • Edited custom nametags to support Display Names (nametags now look like:
    @iamajust - Owner
  • Moved spawn to the middle of the map.

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