Just looking for a little help on foliage design for a mesh

Hey guys, sort of hitting a brick wall here so i figure i would come on here and see if anyone could potentially point me out to the right direction. So currently I am trying to create bushes, ferns, basic undergrowth vegetation. Problem is im trying to get a reference idea or just a though process going on how i can design this.

I dont wanna use random parts in studio, apply a decal to a part into a 3D image, and i wont wanna make a mesh that looks like a hexagon, and nothing too real as the game is kind of cartoony… Any thoughts?

Images below are designs i am trying to avoid.



I’ve seen an interesting foliage design by @Sofloann but I don’t know if he revealed how he did.

It might give you some ideas. :grin:


Worth a shot taking a look into it! Thanks!


I should open a thread about that actually, but heres how to make a foliage ball or tree:

•First you need to understand whats a “vertex normal” represented as sticks in 3D, each vertex has as much “vertex normals” as edges connected to it.

•The idea is to have a complec geometry like a buch of leaves and cubes or whatever you make reacting like one object, a smooth sphere or a 3D elipse.

•By doing that you smooth the lighting on the object surface itself and it makes

•I got you some quick images to show what I mean:

•I personally don’t use blender but here a tutorial, basicaly your tranfert a dome mesh’s vertex normals to the tree’s foliage:

If you don’t use blender, look for vertex normals manipulation, andsomething like vertex normals tranfert.
This is what I did for Modo, the software I use.

glad to help :ok_hand:


Hahahaha I truthfully glad you replied I was beating my head all night to figure that out until i eventually just passed out Lol I was able to get my vertex normals to appear and I was able to manipulate them a little bit thanks to a pluggin that I have. But I personally use Cinema 4D.

But I think your response definitely adds some light on what I was missing here. Im gonna try to practice some more and see if I can figure this out more.

Thank you so much for your response! :slight_smile:


You should probably mark @Sofloann’s reply as a Solution :white_check_mark:
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Thank you @Sofloann,
This is quite helpful for me as well!
I’ve been wondering how to do this for quite some time. :smile:

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