Just made this island, i call it "Relax Island"

Hey guys i just made this little island, it took me about an hour to make! Tell me what you think about it! :smiley:

image image image


There could be a few improvements to this showcase.
Number 1: Try and add more color you only really used sandy yellow for the huts maybe add a couple more colors to make it look better?
Number 2: I think the palm trees are free models? No offense by the way.
Well, there isn’t much to say about it than it doesn’t have much color i’m not saying this is terrible. But this could be improved. Overall very realistic and next gen roblox building.

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Yeah tree’s are free model, it isn’t really a showcase. I made the huts for a friend of mine and then i just thought i could make a little island for it. If i was making a whole showcase i’d make it more realistic and make tree’s myself etc. It was just to show off the huts, not the island itself

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Pretty nice, but it feels bland. Maybe add some rocks, coconuts, make the water a bit more transparent and have a shoreline. The current water feels very unrealistic due to the slope of the sand and also how chippy the water is. Other than that, pretty nice! :+1:

The designs changes and some variation could be put into the buildings more it kind of has that repetitive feel added to the scene make some trees way bigger and add height you could even add bends in the tree trunk or the tree itself. The biggest issue is the lack of variety and structure put into the island.

There’s a lot you can do to improve this, focus on important things that will improve the scene. Start with the palm trees add designs into them have them bend to create a more decent - proper shape palm trees don’t stick straight up I’m assuming the (free models are just placeholders).

It’s good though but it’s not that attractive improve the lighting to add a bit of realism.