Just Wanted to Share this ^ (SHOWCASE)


Astonishing, It’s like I’m looking at a Picasso painting here. I think you did good on this! Although I would make the water a little bit transparent. But that is no big deal! I think you did good on this!


Thanks for the Support! Keep doing this Community Like you Doing Right now!

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Doesn’t look too bad. Although maybe make the water slightly muddy (or not) and add some dirt patches and more tree variations along with bushes (also suggest removing the cube on the top)

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Alright! Thanks for the Suggestion!

Looks epic! 10/10 I like the water and the tress and the sunset a lot because it looks smooth and not to complicated

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Thanks for the Support Keep doing this!

If ur trying to make it realistic then I think you should swap the trees cause they cartoony but this is super cool!

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It’s a very nice little scene showcasing trees. Try bumping up the details by including a few vegetation structure designs bushes - ferns - lily pads - weeds ect.

I’d space out the trees and decrease the amount of them placed on each section if your going for a sort of forest scene normally it will have variation put in each tree try changing the structure and design and size, give it a more decent look bend it give it a more proper shape to be more realistic and not placed with similar objects on the entire terrain. It is a start but I feel like you could definitely add more instead of ‘repetitive trees.

Is this build through your own imagination, or inspired through reference images related to a small scene like this?

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It is alright, you should vary the tree sizes and tree types but I like the lighting. I think you have tried low poly and realistic for this build that doesn’t really work out so you should try texturing the trees and making them more realistic.

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