JustNoob Portfolio | Scripter

Hello, I am JustNoob, an aspiring Game Developer & Scripter. I have been on the ROBLOX Platform since Summer of 2017. I started making games on Roblox Studio since 2020. Since then, I found my passion for scripting and decided to take it a bit more seriously. In 2021, I started my first ROBLOX group, Peep’s Obbys. At the time I was still fairly young, so it was more of an attempt of me trying to release a game for the first time. After this, in 2022, I started my second Roblox Group, Interflux Studios (Formerly, GremVoid Games), with my friend Gremiling (UI Designer). We ended up releasing a game titled: Null: Tower Defense. Since then, I have decided to keep work to myself, and started a group titled: JustNoob Studios, in early 2024. I plan to use this group primarily as a personal community group, and occasionally post script tests/showcases etc. Sorry if that was a mouthful.

Current Games:

None as of current

Past Games:

Null: Tower Defense - 28/4/2023

Game Link: Null: Tower Defense


  • Tower placement system
  • Tower upgrade system with model changing
  • Unit spawning (Not currently in the game)

Scripting/Building - JustNoob (me)
UI Design - Gremiling



May add my other unrelease games in the future.

Sorry for the lack of showcasing, more will be available in the near future

Time zone - GMT
I am usually very active and available during Holidays and weekends. I am also usually available on weekdays.

Prices are negotiable. They also have multiple factors:

  • Length of the Project
  • Complicity
  • Deadline

I currently don’t take USD or any of that sort. However I will soon.

Discord (Reccomended) - justvoid_
Roblox - Peep5005
Twitter - JustNoobery