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As a member of our staff team, you are obligated to fulfill certain requirements and abide by certain guidelines. This part of the handbook will go through all of the basic guidelines and principles, what you’re expected to do, and how you are expected to do it. The Employee Code of Conduct is a source of information for any employee interested in learning more about our guidelines.

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Here at Jusu, we expect all of our employees to behave properly and maturely. Jusu offers a unique role-play experience whereby you can act as an employee and serve other players that are customers, therefore, you’re expected to treat everyone you encounter with decency and respect, ensuring that your behavior is proper and civil, because you represent Jusu and give any players an impression of us.

Every employee at Jusu should remain respectful of their fellow coworkers and even towards the customers. Jusu is meant to be a welcoming environment where any form of discrimination is not tolerated. Respect includes tolerating, accepting, and appreciating those around you, as we strive for Jusu to be an environment where our staff members are enjoying themselves and having fun.

Here at Jusu, we value professional employees that fulfill their duties when on duty. We expect all of our employees to properly conduct themselves and execute their assigned duties. A professional standard is crucial for Jusu to operate as it helps define us and our customer service.

Every staff member here at Jusu is required to be responsible for themselves and for their actions. Responsibility is crucial as it’s one of the foundations of which a successful career can be built upon. Possessing responsibility as a staff member not only allows customers to see how professional you are and how good of an establishment Jusu is, but it also shows us that you are capable of being responsible and therefore being eligible for a promotion.

Dress Code:
Here at Jusu, members of our staff team should follow a dress code which stipulates that whatever you wear on your avatar must be appropriate and fitting; any outfits worn with a malicious intent (to troll, to raid, to cause disturbance, etc.) are not tolerated. Any outfits designed to bypass the Roblox filter, the Roblox ToS and/or the Roblox community guidelines are immediately deemed as a violation of this code. Outfits that imply a “naked” avatar are also not permitted as it’s considered inappropriate and can be used inappropriately by trollers.

We believe that minimum grammar is important, however, strict grammar is not mandatory. Jusu believes that our games and facilities should be enjoyed by all and any players that join the Roblox platform. As long as your sentences are understandable and clear to other players, then you should be all right.

All staff members here at Jusu are expected to comply and follow our guidelines at all times. Ensuring that you follow the regulations we have in place will allow our group to grow and prosper. This also includes following this Code of Conduct as well as ensuring that you’re on your best behavior as a staff member. Any amendments made to our regulations and guidelines should be followed as well.


If the employee code of conduct isn’t followed, measures are taken by our Human Resources Department to ensure that these guidelines are always followed and maintained. Those who violate the code are at risk of receiving one of the following punishments:

  • Warning
  • Demotion
  • Termination
  • Blacklist

If you encounter a staff member violating our rules or our code of conduct, then you should obtain evidence and report them to our Human Resources Department.

Hinting for promotions is also not allowed, we expect you as a staff member that you practice common sense and follow these rules at all given times. If you’re ever confused about something mentioned here then don’t be afraid to contact a member of our Management team.

Keep in mind that all Roblox regulations listed in the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our Employee Code of Conduct, please contact a HR+.

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