Jxllyous’s UGC Timeline

Humble beginnings…

Date(s): Late December 2020/Early January 2021

I have been using Blender since 2017, but only to make gfx. When I saw UGC applications come out I knew I wanted to be a part of it, but at that time I didn’t have the skills or any idea what I was doing, so I lost hope.
Around late December, I was scrolling through the Roblox catalog and I realised how little choice there was for early 20th century hats. I couldn’t find one to match my dress, so I decided to try and make one, and I thought it was great!

I originally didn’t know what shade smooth was :zipper_mouth_face: so I ended up using heavy subdivision surface modifiers to make my hats look somewhat smooth. I didn’t know how to texture either, aside the simple image textures that people use to texture their roblox characters for GFX.
After showing my hat to some of my friends, they recommended I make some cloches, which are iconic hats from the 1920s :star_struck:

I found out about the blender cloth modifier, and after a lot of CPU frying I make an Edwardian Skirt:

One thing I would love to see more on the UGC Catalog is 20th century skirts. It just adds something more delicate and dainty to the average blocky dress that wraps around your legs :sweat_smile:
Here’s a rose I made! It wasn’t necessarily UGC ready at all since it’s very high poly but I was definitely learning the blender tools by this time.

The last thing from this early development period was my development for the 60s. I adore the 20s and the 60s the most, so I made a pillbox hat with a veil. Still high poly, but it was cool combining cloth and shapes.


I love the first hat! I would definitely buy it.

Your UGC’s are amazing.


I like the flower quite a bit :o
Your UGCs are really good :>


Keep up the good work! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Date: 27th February 2021

I was lucky to be commissioned by the wonderful owner of a group called Clementines, which is a clothing store on ROBLOX that sells fabulous 20th century clothing. :smile:
They ordered two hats off me, namely both cloches, but both different. This was my first time working to a specific design which was a challenge at first, but I really enjoyed it.

The hat on the left, I didn’t have a name for, so it went by the name of “Blue Bow Cloche”. I loved making the bow because the sculpt tool in Blender is AMAZING for making fabric like textures, the only problem being it was high poly and at least 15k triangles :pensive:
The second hat was a little easier, but my main issue was I didn’t know how to use UVs. This meant drawing straight lines on what is technically a spherical shape was almost impossible, but thankfully I figured it out by drawing directly onto to mesh itself instead of the image texture. Thanks YouTube!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the Clementines Fashion Show!

Oh look, here’s me :smiley:

Seeing people wear something I created for the very first time was so fun and exciting, and it really inspired me to keep making more hats and continue my journey to making more hats.

A big thank you to Clementines for this opportunity!


Flapper Frenzy

Date(s): 20th-27th March 2021

My first ever collection!

After a month of making high poly tiaras as a passion project, I got back to work on making progress and fine tuning my low poly skills, and the result is my Flapper Collection!
For those of you that don’t know what I’m taking about, flappers were a group of young, energetic girls in the 1920s that bend the society’s standards of how women should dress and act. It inspires me a lot, especially since it’s been 100 years since flappers came into existence and changed our world!

Towards the start of this week, I made my first ever hair. It was so hard, it’s safe to say that hair is not my forte…:expressionless:

The 1920s girlish bob is one of my favourite hairstyles.

I also had to make a flapper headband, since they were beautiful and highlighted how elegant women could be without having to fit into the same standards that existed in the 1910s.

(Sadly, the hair and the flapper headband had too many verts, so even if I were to get into the UGC program, I would not be able to upload it. :sleepy:)

And lastly, my mini hat collection, my favourite part of the 1920s!

The best part about these hats are that they are all textured, all one mesh, and under the tris/verts limit!. I hope one day if I do get into the UGC program, I can upload these wonderful hats.

I love the ‘20s so much, and I hope there will be more 1920s hats on the catalog in the future so more people can learn about the fashion and the time period. :heart: