Jxqmzs | [OPEN] Builder + 3D modeler


Hey there! My name is James, and I’m a developer with 3 years of experience! I have made some cool items and you can check all of the creations out on this post. Happy reading!

UGC Concepts

Here are a few of the UGC creations I have made. Some of these were inspired by current items on the avatar shop.


Throwing Sword Aura

Dog Plushie Hat

3D Face

Sticky Note

Fuse Boxes

Retro Katana

Blonde Hair

Shoulder Presents


These are a few builds I have made over the years (Mostly incomplete).


Lobby Island

Minigame Lobby

Unfinished Cafe


3D Modeling

These are some things I have made in blender. I am not the best at 3D Modeling and I mostly work in low poly.


Low Poly Car

USB Stick


These are some GFX I have made.






I don’t like having a percent, I will do what you require and get paid before I send the final product. I only accept robux and the price will be discussed in dms.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, please message me on discord, I am online most of the time.

Roblox: Jxqmzs
DevForum: Jxqmzs
Discord: crrx#3871

Thank you for your time,


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very epic, keep up the good work

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commissions are open! DM me on discord if you want to contact me.

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