Kaiju Cats Character Bundles not properly awarded

Recently, the Assessment Tools Experience Kaiju Cats was updated to award the three in-game cat bundles as rewards for earning a high score as each of the three cats! However, these Bundles aren’t awarded properly, missing some of the pieces needed to properly wear the full outfit!

  • Join Kaiju Cats
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Earn a high score as one of the Kaiju Cats, in order to earn the matching Badge and items
  • Go to the Avatar editor
  • You do not have the Costume items for the full Character or the Head.

You can technically wear all of the items included in the outfit, using workarounds to apply the Head item, but most players would assume that since the Head doesn’t appear in their inventory or the avatar page that they weren’t awarded the Head.

This issue applies to all three Kaiju Cats bundles: Meowza, Catzilla, and King Klaw.


Hey @Spectaqual - thanks for the report! This seems like a developer issue (not something we can fix) so going to close it out.

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