Kamehameha, Roblox Animation

So, uh, I finally came back to animations. That was long time i didnt created anything, but woop, and there is 2 projects im already working on.
I want to know your opinion, how good does this animation will look to you.


That’s a very fast Kamehameha :coffee:

I’d recommend you to make the “hame” and the “ha” part a bit longer.
But the body motions are pretty nice!

Lol, this gives me japanese anime memes, but btw the animation looks slick, but kinda fast tho


I will recommend it removing the circle when he shoots the laser

That was grabbed out of anime, so it looks like it should to.

Yeah pretty fast. I can agree myself but that was made for TD, so i cant do anything with it.
Thanks for rating doe

To be honest it looks a little dimmed down. There should be more force when they shoot the lazer beam, it almost looks like they aren’t even warmed up.

It’s okay, but needs more fluidity throughout the animation, to look like it’s just a simple array of motions, instead of uneven ones.