Kampa, are you seriously planning on another BFDI ROBLOX game?


Hi, hello! Soo it’s only been a lot of hours ever since I cancelled COMI. But I still wanna make an object show game, and no way am I making a low effort RP game.

You may have noticed the change in the logo and name of the group. And it’s exactly what it looks like!

COMI is NOT BEING REBRANDED by the way. COMI will always stay as it is, despite the bugs. Don’t worry about this new game replacing BFDI:COMI, that is not going away. Because there’s still the bunch who enjoy the game.

Oh, what’s my next project called?

Battle For Robloxia Paradise!
(The acronym is BFRP. Yes, the RP in the acronym is completely intentional. Still not a roleplay game though.)

So what’s the new game about?
I wanna make an actual BFDI game! Complete with eliminations, twists, teams, the works! It will take a lot of work, I know. Now that I have gained a lot of knowledge from my mistakes with COMI, I kinda know what I’m doing. Granted, I still don’t know everything, and I’m still learning.

Something similar to Outlaster, perhaps?

What makes it different from games like Outlaster and Total Roblox Drama?
Characters actually play a major role now! Every character you select has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of which can greatly affect your performance in challenges. I plan to include all of them, but for right now, I wanna include ALL original 21 contestants in the very first season. (Actually the very first version of BFRP will focus on adding the entirety of season 1 first.)

Most of the characters are also gonna be unlockable, so keep that in mind.

Do you need help?
Hmm, kinda depends. If I struggle too much on making it, that’s when I’ll look around for guidance.

Is there some lore hidden in this game?
No. I’ll admit I got way too carried away with COMI. And since the planned boss never released at all, it’s safe to assume I’m not fit for making stories that complex. So I just want this game to be an entire recreation of BFDI.

Will there be any gamepasses in this new game?
I am sorry.

Will there be pets in this game?
NO. That was too stressful to make in COMI, and people suddenly kept losing theirs for some reason. Not to mention the backlash I got from the data wipes. Pets are staying in COMI.

When can we expect it to come out?
Please don’t ask that question. It’ll come out once I deem it is ready. Same for the group, I’ll open it up again once the game releases.

I’ll begin working on this game once I have a lot of free time and once I finally know what I’m doing. So as of right now, all of this is just a proof of concept, and is subject to change.

That being said, thank you all for the support you have given COMI, and I hope you’re excited with this new project as much as I am!