Kana, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there something about Kana on your mind that is NOT featured in this handbook? Well, this may contain an answer, if there isn’t an answer to your question, please DM an MR+.

How can I appeal my ban?

  • You can appeal your ban by contacting a Super Rank with the following format:

    Why you should be unbanned:
    Why you were banned:

There’s an exploiter at the Juice Bar! What can I do?

  • You can DM a HR+ with proof of the exploiter. We will come as soon as we can.

Why did I fail my Interview?

  • You could’ve failed your interview due to lack of detail. Eg: Sometimes you could fail due to poor grammar.

If my affiliation with Kana gets terminated and blacklisted, what can I do?

  • You could appeal it by asking why your group got blacklisted. After that, ask for the format to appeal your group’s blacklist, if there is none, it should be this:

Group Name:
Why your group should be unblacklisted: