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Game Rules


#1 - Follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Standards. These will be enforced by our in-game moderators. Our staff members are always there to assist you with any problems you may encounter while you’re playing in Kapspire Games.

#2 - Please be respectful to fellow players of the game. This includes respecting others’ opinions. Usernames that are intended to harass another player and serve no other purpose are not allowed!

#3 - Please don’t spam the chat. Spamming the chat can lead up to a ban.

#4 - Asking players to call you or message you, on any third party platforms, will result in ban. Calling/talking can only be allowed if you have the Roblox voice chat within the private Kapspire voice chat servers.

#5 - Bypassing is not tolerated at Kapspire, and goes against the ROBLOX Terms and Conditions.

#6 - Playing inappropriate songs as a server staff, or player by using a boombox, is not allowed. This includes bypassed audios, troll music, or ear-damaging audio.

#7 - Exploiting and glitching through walls is NOT allowed at Kapspire and it will get you banned. No exceptions.

#8 - Do NOT make false support tickets and waste an administrator’s time. Continuing to do so could lead up to a ban.

#9 - If an admin approaches you. Please don’t argue with or ignore the admin. Continuing to do something the admin has warned you about could lead up to a ban.

#10 - Do not interfere, interrupt, or argue with the moderation made by an administrator when they are moderating the game. (I.E Telling an administrator what to do, or telling them they took incorrect action). If you have a problem with the moderation, come to the Head Administrators with evidence.

#11 - Showing or wearing any inappropriate imagery will result in a 5-day ban. No exceptions.

#12 - Alt accounts used for ban evasion, trolling, or anything malicious will result in your accounts being banned, including your main!

#13 - Please do not advertise your game or group in Kapspire.

#14 - [Server Staff] Server Staff are not official staff members, and never will be. If you are caught mini-modding (Giving out “warnings” to people, pretending to be an Admin), you will get your powers revoked! Please take a moment to read the server staff rules.

#15 Staff Impersonation is not allowed! If a player is saying that they are a staff member but they do not have a tag next to their name (For example: [ADMIN] username), then they are lying. And should be reported by using the In-Game Admin support ticket feature.

Ban Appeal


:bangbang: This Discord server is the support and appeal server for Kapspire, you must join it in order to create In-Game Admin support tickets to appeal your ban, or for assistance in game.


  • You must wait a month before appealing your ban unless you think the ban was a mistake.

  • Expect your appeal to be reviewed within seven days upon submission.

  • Exploiting bans are permanent and cannot be appealed.

  • Do not lie when submitting an appeal as we have logs of everything, doing so will result in your punishment worse.

Server Staff Rules


#1 - All normal Kapspire rules apply. Although you may be a Server Staff, you are not excused from breaking the normal Kapspire rules.

#2 - You are more than welcome to help Administrators complete duties. However, you cannot get in the way of them when they are resolving an issue. If an Administrator requests for you to stop helping them, you must stop. Not stopping may result in various consequences. Server Staff are NOT Kapspire official staff!

#3 - You are only allowed to use harmful commands on yourself. You may only use harmless commands on other players if they have given consent. Don’t use any commands on Administrators.

#4 - Do not teleport other players to you without consent. You are not allowed to teleport other players to places where the player does not belong. For example, you are not allowed to teleport any player to special areas.

#5 - Do not impersonate Administrators, Head Administrators, or the Owners. You are a Server Staff, which is not part of the staff team in any way. If you impersonate a staff member, you could be banned.

#6 - Do not use the :h, :n, and :m for no reason. Only use them if you absolutely have to make an important announcement. For example, if there are exploiters, then you can use the command to notify players that there are players needed to remain safe.

#7 - You may use the music command to play music. Your music can not be annoying, loud, or troll music. This includes banned audios from Kapspire. Music is a privilege. If someone is getting annoyed by the audio, then you must turn it off. Do not forget to turn the music off when you leave the game, so it doesn’t loop.

#8 - Don’t use your commands to get free stuff such as tools. This includes flying and bringing players to special areas. All players must earn items in a fair way.

#9 - Don’t ask for more commands or perks for the Server Staff. Be happy with the commands that you have. The commands that you have are ones that are not easily abused. This is to avoid trollers.

#10 - Please don’t spam commands. There is no need to repeat a command over, and over again.

#11 - Don’t give other players special abilities that may affect the game flow. Remember they are not Server Staff, you are. An example of this is if one player was fighting another and you gave them :god during a fight, that wouldn’t be fair to the other players in the server and is considered cheating. Server Staff can’t use commands on themselves that may help them win a fight or cheat.

#12 - If you see another Server Staff abusing, then make an In-Game Admin support ticket with EVIDENCE.

Server Staff Command List


:resetview - resets the players view to normal

:face - Allows you to put any Roblox face on a player

:unfly - Disables fly

:unsparkles - Removes sparkles from a player

:musiclist - Shows a list of songs you can play

!getscript - Allows you to buy Adonis

:pnum - Tells you the number of players in your server

!notepad - Gives you a pad to put notes on

!client - Brings up a dashboard of info about the game and Adonis

:nofog - Removes fog

:uncolorcorrect - Fixes the view of the game to what it originally was

:puke - Makes the player puke

:hole - Sends the player through a black hole and kills them

:cape - Gives the player a cape

:smoke - Gives the player smoke effects

:chatnotify - Sends a red message to the targeted player

:thaw - Unfreezes the player from the ice

:freecam - Freezes the player and allows you to look around

:lock - Does nothing

:hcountdown - Sets a countdown on the top of everyone’s screen

:mat - Makes the targeted player a material of your choosing

!credit - Shows credits to Adonis

:changelog - Shows what has changed to Adonis

:animation - Puts an animation on the chosen player

:waypoint - Shows the targeted players waypoint

:ghostify - Turns the player’s body clear like a ghost

:countdown - Creates a countdown on the bottom left of everyone’s screen’

!rejoin - Makes you rejoin the game

:trip - Trips the player

:removepackage - Removes any packages on a player

:stickify - Turns the player into a stick figure

:unfire - Removes fire from a player

:sceleratis - Makes the player into a skeleton with a squid on their head

:god - Makes the player invincible

:view - Shows the targeted players view

:spin - Spins the player

:players - Shows a list of players

:headlian - Removes your head and adds a face to your body

:poison - Poisons the player

:skeleton - Turns the player into a skeleton

:unchat - Does nothing

:flatten - Makes a player flat

:unslippery - Makes the player not slide

!example - Tells how to look at commands

:volume - Changes how loud or quiet the audio playing is

:unsunrays - Removes sun rays

:locallog - Shows the logs of the players body

:details - Explains game details

!clean - Does nothing

:removehats - Removes the players hats

!help - Does nothing

:viewcam - Does nothing

:jump - Makes a player jump

:taudio - Gives the players audio that follows them around

:unbunnyhop - Makes you not jump continuously

:unrope - Does nothing

:vibrate - Does nothing

:fview - Makes you or the target see another player’s view

:unguiview - Does nothing

:capes - Gives a list of capes

:waypoints - Shows the waypoints

:rainbowify - Makes the players skin tone change colors

:oddliest - Does Headlian then puts a sign on them that says “Kick Me”

!info - Brings up the Adonis dashboard

:fixplayerlighting - Fixes the players lighting

:clearguis - Does nothing

:unname - Does nothing

:neon - Makes the player neon

:tell - Tells a player a private message

:fov - Stretches out the players screen

:unblur - Does nothing

:clickwalk - Wherever you click, you go

:removelimbs - Makes the player fall apart

:errorlogs - Shows errors

:cameras - Does nothing

:noclip - Allows the player to walk through walls

:light - Makes the color selected glow around the player

:flynoclip - Allows you to fly and use no-clip at the same time.

:ungod - Removes invincibility from you

:startertools - Does nothing

:afk Sets your status in-game to AFK

:mpm - Sends a private message to a chosen player

:shadows - Allows you to toggle on/off of shadows

:unseizure - Stops you from having a seizure

:createdparts - Does nothing

:bchat - Chat using chat bubbles

:oldflatten - flattens certain parts of the targeted player

:shiney - Makes the chosen player shine

:startergive - Gives a tool to the chosen player

:undeadlands - Does nothing

:ice - Freezes the player

:info - Gives player info

:heal - Gives player all their health back

:unfreecam - Stops free cam

:music - Plays the music of your choosing (Turn music off when you leave)

:unparticle - Removes particles from a player

:unphase - Gives back the players hair, hats, and accessories

:creeper - Puts a part on your back with no texture or color

:clickteleport - Allows you to click on anything, and teleport

:untrack - Stops you from tracking a player

:clip - Disables no-clip

:respawn - Sends the person back to their spawn

:uncharaudio - Stops audio on your character

:piano - Gives the player a virtual piano

:invisible - Allows you to disappear

!pets - Does nothing

!donate - Allows you to donate Robux to the owner of Adonis

:shirt - Changes the shirt of the targeted player to what you set it as

:bighead - Gives you a big head

:unlock - Does nothing

:time - Does nothing

:fogcolor - Sets the color of the fog

:freeze - Stops the player from moving

:joinlogs - Tells you who join and who left

:rarm - Changes the player’s right arm to what you set it as

:freefall - Teleports you to the height chosen and makes you fall

:sfling - Creates bombs to the number chosen and makes the player sit

:phase - Makes the player’s hair, hats, and accessories fall off them

!agents - Does nothing

:tp - Teleports the player to the other player chosen

:nograv - Removes the player’s gravity

:jpower - Controls how powerful the players jump is

:pm - Sends a private message to the chosen player to the bottom left

:unjail - Does nothing

:oambient - Does nothing

:fix - Does nothing

:sparkles - Gives the selected players sparkles

:uncape - Removes any cape on the selected player

:lleg - Changes the players left leg to what you set it as

!keybinds - Shows the Adonis dashboard

:shrek - Turns the player into Shrek

:unloopfling - Removes loopfling from the player selected

:dogg - Turns the player into snoop dogg

:color - Changes the players color to what you set it as

:torso - Changes the player’s torso to what you set it as

:give - Does nothing

:larm - Changes the players left arm to what you set it as

:talk - Makes another player say, what you’ve written

:pants - Changes the players pants to your choice

:swagify - Puts a red suit on you with a cape

:fly - Allows you to fly

!quote - Creates a random quote for everyone to see

:unstun - Does nothing

:k1tty - Makes the player turn into Hello Kitty

:grav - Does nothing

!ping - Shows your ping

:servers - Shows servers

:to - Allows you to teleport to players (Ask for their perms to teleport)

:bunnyhop - Makes you jump constantly

:nyan - Turns the player into Nyan Cat

:insclear - Does nothing

:bring - Brings the player of your choice to you (Ask them first)

:breakdance - Makes you breakdance with sparkles

:char - Can change into any player (Ask perms to use other peoples avatar)

:makecam - Does nothing

:colorcorrect - Changes the color, brightness, and etc of the player’s screen

:sp00ky - Turns the player into a skeleton

:unlightingeffect - Removes lighting effects

:infect - Makes you infected and turns you green

:uneffect - Removes effects from a player

:fr0g - Turns the player into a rainbow frog

:unpunish - Does nothing

:timebanlist - Does nothing

:clear - Does nothing

:particle - Gives the player particles

:track - Allows you to know where a player is at

:serverinstances - Shows the servers events

:break - Does nothing

:unsmoke - Removes smoke from the chosen player

:resize - Changes the player’s size

:ff - Makes a force field around the player selected

:dance - Makes the player dance

:tools - Does nothing

:visible - Makes you reappear from invisible

:unpin - Does nothing

:seizure - Makes the player move all over the place like a real seizure

:sh1a - Changes the player chosen into Shia Labeouf (Just Do It Guy)

:screenimage - Makes an image appear on the player’s screen

:starterremove - Does nothing

:speed - Changes the player’s speed to what you choose

:rleg - Changes the player’s right leg to what you choose

:unbloom - Does nothing

:charaudio - Creates audio on the player and follows you around

:package - Does nothing

:cmds - Gives you a list of commands

:unlight - Removes the color glow from the player

:dog - Turns the player into a dog

:control - Gives you control of the player you choose (Ask permission first)

:setgrav - Changes the player’s gravity to your choice

:fire - Makes fire particles on the player you choose

:rank - Does nothing

:unloopheal - Stops loopheal from the selected player

:smallhead - Gives the player a small head

:shuffle - Allows you to go through a playlist of songs of your choosing

:disco - Creates a flashing color on everyone’s screen

:delwaypoint - Removes the chosen players waypoint

:goldify - Turns the chosen player into gold

:outlines - Does nothing

!donors - Does nothing

:sunrays - Does nothing

:stopmusic - Stops music played from a Server Host

:replications - Does nothing

:unthermal - Does nothing

:slippery - Makes the player slide all over the place

:brightness - Changes the player’s brightness on their screen

:unff - Removes ff (Force Field) from the selected player

:cmdbox - Creates a GUI where you can execute commands in

!join - Allows you to join a chosen players server

:hat - Puts a hat of your choice on a player of your choosing

:noobify - Turns the player into a noob

:h - Sends a message on the top of everyone’s screen

:sit - Makes the targeted player sit

:refresh - Respawns the player

:fling - Flings the chosen player

:sbl - Shows Synced Ban List

:m - Shows a message in the middle of everyone’s screen

:unglitch - Does nothing

:n - Sends a message in a box towards the middle of the screen

:unchar - Removes the chosen players outfit that they morphed into

:clientinstances - Shows the chosen players info and events

!usage - Shows prefixes for commands

:loopheal - Allows the chosen player to constantly heal


Thanks for viewing the official Kapspire Games Public Handbook!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a High Rank.

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