Kapspire Moderation v1.2 — A moderation system from the future

:warning: BE AWARE OF SCAM MODELS THAT IMPERSONATE ‘KAPSPIRE MODERATION’. Only use the original model published by @OnlyKeyon. Other models imitating Kapspire Moderation may contain backdoors!

What is Kapspire Moderation

Kapspire Moderation is an administrative system created for your roblox game, it has the purpose of giving people powers and giving people commands to do things. Kapspire Moderation is also used to do things you would usually have to make many scripts for, for example, if you want to change a leader board stat kapspire can do that, if you want to add custom commands, you can script them yourself too.
Kapspire Moderation has a lot of possibility and potential, it is also the best admin system out there.

Images and how it works will be shown in the ‘Showcase’ section below.

How to install

Kapspire Moderation is 100% free and open-source. Everyone can get it from the ROBLOX library. Get the model now:

Kapspire Moderation (v 1.2) - Roblox

If you want the advanced version of Kapspire Moderation and want beta features and updates early, buy it for 100 robux here:

Kapspire Product Hub - Roblox

To set Kapspire Moderation up, you will need to own the model above. Once you do, copy/insert the model in your game.

You will now notice a Model named Kapspire Moderation. Inside of that you should also notice a Folder called Ungroup in ServerScriptService, make sure that you place and ungroup it inside of ServerScriptService.

Once all the assets from Ungroup in ServerScriptService are placed inside of ServerScriptService, you will need to enable Allow HTTP Requests and Enable Studio Access to API Services in the Security tab of the Game Settings menu.

Once you have done that, you should also notice a Folder called Ungroup in ChatModules, make sure that you place and ungroup it inside of the ChatModules Folder in the Chat section of Roblox Studio in order to add the advanced chat filter (this is optional).

Once you finish that, you can consider that Kapspire Moderation is installed. The system can now operate, however, you will still want to configure the settings. To do this, open the Settings file in both the Kapspire Admin Folder and the Kapspire Panel Folder located in the Kapspire Moderation Folder inside of ServerScriptService. Customize the settings - everything is explained inside the settings and config script (comments).


As you might probably know, ScreenGuis can only be client-sided, meaning that exploiters can modify or even delete them. Does this mean that they can bypass the punishments issued with Kapspire Moderation?
Well, not quite. Kapspire Moderation has several scripts that check the status of the punishment UI. They are linked to each other so that whenever a script is being removed, the others will take action. We have implemented a server-side kicking system, meaning that the kicking request will be handled by the server (so that it cannot be bypassed).

As a disclaimer, the system might still be vulnerable, even though we have checked several times and several different methods to bypass it and patched the vulnerabilities we found.

To avoid unwanted punishment bypasses, we recommend enabling the ‘TempBan Auto-Kick’ and ‘PermBan Auto-Kick’ options in the settings file. This will automatically remove the suspect from the server after the specified amount of time.

With version 1.02 and up, we have added a new security system that will delete the character of the suspect (applies to bans, kicks, slocks, and temporary bans), and disables the chat for them. Meaning that the suspect will be no longer able to interact with the game even if they bypass the punishment screen.

If you find a security vulnerability and wish to report it, please contact me via DevForum, or Kapspire via the website (safe link - Github and Kapspire) linked at the bottom.

API and Documentation

Kapspire Moderation’s best feature is that it allows everyone, even with less scripting skills, to integrate the punishment system with their own scripts. Kapspire Moderation has a built-in API that allows you to issue a moderation action by only firing a function. This is the basic usage of the API module:

Require the module: local KapspireAPI = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("Kapspire Moderation")WaitForChild("Kapspire Panel").Data.API)

Fire functions at your will:

  • KapspireAPI:createWarning(username, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:removeWarning(username, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:tempBan(username, duration, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:permBan(username, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:kick(username, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:removeBan(username, reason, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:slock(reason, group ID, minimum rank to ignore, moderator)
  • KapspireAPI:unslock(moderator)

username should be a string, duration should be a number, reason should be a string, moderator should be a string.

Kapspire Moderation also comes with a set of RemoteEvents that allow you to take moderation actions via LocalScripts.

Full documentation can be found on Kapspire knowledge base (safe link - Github and Kapspire):

Developers | Kapspire Helpdesk

Get help with Kapspire or our products’ Application Programming Interface.


You can contribute by reporting system errors, issues, vulnerabilities, etc., or suggesting new features. You can do this via our Discord server, via the Kapspire knowledge base, or via DevForum (messaging me).

Also, you could add credits to @OnlyKeyon if you remix the model.


Once Kapspire is out of Beta, we will add the Kapspire Moderation showcase! :partying_face:

Final notes

ROBLOX’s DataStore Service has a rate limit, meaning that if you create and remove the same punishment within a very short time, the action will be queued.

If Kapspire Moderation can’t currently update automatically, keep an eye on the developer console (output) of your games, as it will automatically print if it is outdated.

We are open to suggestions and critics, but we highly appreciate a friendly tone.

The logo icon is provided by Kapspire.

Useful links



Here we will post the updates that we publish for Kapspire Moderation.

Update log 5/13/2023 @ v1.2

Upgraded to version: 1.2
Released: 5/13/2023


[>] Patched a critical error with the panel not being able to issue moderation actions for players that were not in the selected group.
[>] Fixed the panel clock.
Update log v1.1

Update log 3/16/2022 @ v1.1

Upgraded to version: 1.1
Released: 3/16/2022


[*] Improved the security system: the suspect can no longer interact with the game
and its players even if they bypass the punishment UI. The suspect character will get
removed by the server, as well as they will get muted by the server.
[+] Added multi-cloned UI. This will clone the punishment UI every 5 seconds until the 
suspect leaves the game.
[*] Improved the security system: the character of the suspect will be checked every 5 seconds if it exists. If it does, it will delete it over and over again.
[>] Fixed the "Security kick" issue caused by the 3 checks - now only one client-sided check, 
and the rest is being handled by the server.
[*] Changed the colors of the Kapspire Panel and added multi-line for the 'reason' field. Also removed the ClearOnFocus option.
[>] Fixed security kick when clicking "I understand" at account warnings.
[>] Reset on respawn issue.
[+] Added a new feature: server locking (slock).
[+] Added new feature: server unlocking (unslock).
[+] Added new feature: kicking/server removal.
[+] Added auto-complete when kicking a player [ONLY WORKS WHEN KICKING] (you only have to fill in the first letters of the player for the script to find it).
[>] Fixed some spelling mistakes.
[+] NEW FEATURE: you can now use the UserId, UserName, and player instance with the API integrations. They are automatically detected (must be a string for UserName, a number for UserId, and an instance for a player).
[+] Added GetService support for all scripts, so that it is optimized for anti-cheat systems.
[+] Added MessagingService - the system now communicates between experience servers. When a user gets banned or temporarily banned, it will take effect immediately, without the suspect rejoining. This is only active for bans and temporary bans.
[+] Added a new feature for bans, kicks, and temporary bans in the Kapspire Panel: there is a new button that allows you to select the target username from the in-server players' list.
[+] Added prevention system to disallow scripts or users to moderate the game owner.
[+] Added a new API option to remove temporary bans (NOT available in the panel, you will want to use the API if you wish to remove a temporary ban).
[+] Added new feature: replicated API can now check permissions so lower ranks cannot punish higher ranks anymore. HTTP Service required.
[>] Changed all :Kick() messages to be compatible with Roblox`s newline character removal update.
[*] Added reason character limit (300 characters).
[+] Added new feature: you can now log errors that are in a Kapspire context to Discord.
[>] Patched a critical error with the panel disappearing on player respawn.
[>] Moderation actions made via Replicated API are now forced to go through the group rank check.
[-] Removed Point API version check due to it causing the Engine not to load.

Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions and feedback!

Looks cool, however I still prefer Cmdr for moderation.


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

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Does this utilize an admin panel, chat commands or is it script-based?

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It utilizes both an admin panel, and chat commands! But in order to configure it to your needs, it is script based.

not hating but you just toke old blueberry code and adonis code. all with no credits to the owners



That would be pretty important to point out after saying WATCH OUT FOR FAKES!

Can you show videos of this? Or at the very least a picture? I don’t want to join a game.

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wow dude so you practically did nothing to develop this and you are re branding someone else’s work into “Kapsire”.


Along with the panel is the worst experience I’ve seen. It’s copying code from Adonis, yet adonis is a 10x better admin system??


with all due fairness, it looks like you didn’t attempt to even edit the module itself

sure, you may have permission to use that stuff, but this is NOT the first thing i’d like to see when using any system

the module im referencing;


Uh… It seems it copies both Adonis and Blueberry, I recommend to use a very different script from the other things. Same thing for the main post, it copies the Blueberry post.

It does not mean I hate it.


I understand we are actively working on new updates, this system was a combined updated version of everything we use as our moderation. We are currently working on combining everything all together to one system.

I do and the developer at adonis said it was fine unless I copied the WHOLE module. The UI and API was updated.

Thanks for your feedback! I understand we are actively working on new updates, this system was a combined updated version of everything we use as our moderation. We are currently working on combining everything all together to one system.

I did 75% of the work and 100% of the API. But no worries, we are actively working on new updates, this system was a combined updated version of everything we use as our moderation. We are currently working on combining everything all together to one system.

lmao I will update the post with evidence shortly.

I’m 99% sure they meant videos of the admin panel.

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Oh alright LOL, I will update the post rq.

Is Kapspire an actual LLC?

Going over 15 minutes into reviewing your company, its seems you have racked up a charge of over $23,000 USD for Twitter Gold subscriptions on your mothers card. Committed several felonies, such as fraud.

I highly doubt a reasonable adult will agree to let their 13 year old child spend $23,000 monthly (totally of $279,000 annually) on a stupid checkmark. Reviewing Twitter’s Purchase Term’s Of Service, you have violated it as referenced below.

I highly doubt your “company” even has IRS W-4 Forms properly filled out for employees, as well as additional legal documents.

Why are stealing products and white-labeling it as your own work? You guys are also selling your the resource that’s not even yours?

This is just absolutely full of false information regarding your “company”. 1.6 Billion Dollar valuation. :skull:

I can go on and on regarding your company. As a community safety recommendation, stay away from Kapspire.

My sources:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kapspire
The Kapspire official fandom: https://kapspire.fandom.com
Twitter Legal Pages.