Kase's animations I worked on

I did this animation on my morph when I move. (Bouncy footsteps sound included) What do you think?


More down below


A mix of all of it together, in my opinion. That’s good.

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Is there a better bouncing sound I can find?

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Maybe the bouncing sound from a cartoon? But I think it’s fine.


It looks like all 3. Great animation!

Yea, i think it has that stuff. By the way the model and the animation looks nice :+1:

The animation is fairly good as all the parts of the morph seem to bounce, giving the animation a cartoony style. However, to improve your animation, you could add some movement to the tail, since it seems a bit stiff compared to everything else.

Is there any ways how to animate the tail? It’s in a different morph system:

Hmm. Although I am no expert when it comes to animating, I do not believe there is a way to fluidly animate your tail unless it’s made of several parts, such as in DevBuckette’s tail mechanic. Therefore, the only animations you could apply to your tail would be simple movements, such as moving it up or down.

All this being said, you may want to ask somebody who is more familiar with animating, as they might be familiar to some animating/rigging technique that I am not aware of.

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Hmmm, I guess rigging can be possible. Now, how can I make a player morph into a custom rig?

Well, I’m not entirely sure if you’d want to turn the regular player into a custom rig. Instead, I’d recommend giving a Custom Character Creator plugin a try, such as this one. With it, you should be able to rig your models and animate them afterwards, in this case, your tail. If you need help with using the plugin, there should be plenty of tutorials that you can find on it, such as this video (it doesn’t cover the specific thing you need, but you should be able to apply what you learn to your animation).

Got Kase rigged, now ready to animate this bouncy puppy.

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New animations made:

Idle 1

Idle 2


Jump and fall


This is pretty good, nice work!

There’s more: