Kashi Alliance Application

Kashi Alliance Application

:necktie: Partnership Information;
Thanks for showing an interest in our group! We love interacting with groups and seeing what two groups are capable of doing together. To have your group partnered with us, you must meet our requirements. Please send your application once completed towards a Corporate Advisor+ and wait 24 hours for results.

  • Must have 200+ members
  • Must have professional well-trained staff
  • You must have an organized community server, documents, rules, etc.
  • If you have a bad reputation, your group will not be considered.
    Please allows us 24 hours to review the application.

Application Questions

[1] Explain your group in detail. Be sure to include detail, group member count, purpose, etc.

[2] Why do you want to form an alliance with Kashi? How will this alliance benefit you?

[3] How will this alliance be a beneficiary factor towards Kashi’s future?

[4] Who will be your representatives if your application is accepted?

[5] Do you abide by all the rules that Kashi has enlisted for allies?

Great! Please send your application to a Corporate Advisor+. Please keep in mind, detail and presentation will play a large part in your results.

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