Katana made in Studio

Hello Developers! :wave:

I’m here to show you one of sword model I’ve recently made :grinning:

  • Made entirely in Roblox Studio
  • No reference used

expecting feedback & suggestions to make it better somehow

Edited the picture above for fun lol


This is really cool! But the wedge at the end is not cool. Try making it straight somehow.

Good luck!

It looks pretty nice! Im suprised you only used roblox studio for it.

A suggestion i have its to make the upper part to reflect light if possible to add realism. The lower part looks fine as it is not overdecorated. Maybe changing the square colors a bit so they fit with the wooden design on the handle?

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It looks very clean and stylish :smiley:
I wouldn’t have thought it was made entirely in roblox studio! That takes some skill

Looks really cool! :smiley: .Looks like something made in blender , if I can ask, how long did that take to make?

I need to say that looks very good but I think just like @thatrandomnoob23, the wedge at the end of the katana don’t look good and you should try making straight. But without looking correctly in that part, still looks amazing, good job making it! :clap:

1.30 Hour / 1 & half an hour

There was the first version took about 20 mins and revamped it twice by adding curve and detail to the grip

(Might revamp again & add more stuff + props)


It is straight though? Unless you mean make it curved.

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No it’s not, that’s just a wedge and wedges aren’t straight.

Oh um, it’s a wedge but I added an outline using cylinders

I just feel like asking, what is the point of making it in studio and pointing that out? I feel like making objects like these in studio is just not worth it and you’d might as well just learn blender, due to better optimization and how easier it is

Because they wanted to make them in studio :sunglasses:


Blender has a problem with my pc, and I love making stuff in studio. No matter how long or hard it takes :stuck_out_tongue:

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How did you manage to outline it with cylinders without having misalignment? Do you mind scaling your build up so I can see the details on the blade?

That’s amazing for studio! Thats better then most things people make in blender

I don’t know how to explain but on my most recent post I revamped it

Original Scale

tip of the blade


10x the original Scale

there are SUPER small mistake but its impossible to notice on the original scale

Did you use sphere to get the curve on that? If so, can you show me them? :sunglasses:

Ok sure, this is wireframe rendering

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My god…

I can imagine the pain of aligning them. :flushed:


I’m so glad I use blender now lol.

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