Katana Sword Render

Hello :wave:

Recently I’ve been trying to work on my texturing, and made this model to practice on.

Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading :smiley:


I that a picture of a real katana because it’s so realistic well done.:slightly_smiling_face:


Epic Design for the Katana :+1:


I didn’t make it so why did you replay to me.

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The blade’s texture is somewhat unrealistic, it has many seemingly random lines that I think is supposed to represent ware on the sword. I think adding a more defined blade edge would help the visuals, and besides that everything else is great.

Since the angle is abit up you cant see the edge completely, so thats why it isnt very defined in the picture.

Also, the lines are supposed to be scratches from other swords, and for the blade texture I used a real sword as a refrence so I dont know what you mean by ‘unrealistic’.

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