Kazué | Public Handbook

Kazué | Public Handbook
:bento:- Kazue, “Good food, good life!”

:sushi: Kazué | About

Kazué Restaurant is a Japanese styled restaurant that strives to accommodate you with the best experience imaginable. Born to provide excellence and indulgence at will. We have employees that strive to make every customer welcome and provide everyone with their best experience.

We have the vision to reach a massive amount of success in the massive Restaurant-related industry within Roblox. We can ensure that our management team is a well-knit structure due to our group possessing a vast amount of professionalism and courage.

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Kazué Restaurant Group
Application Center
Training Center
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Here at Kazué, our operations department deals with various things. They specifically deal with and handle all internal operations of our group. They deal with promotions, staff activity, applications and much more. As of right now, our current lead of this department is solviraa.


Kazué’s public relations department handles numerous things. They interact and create beneficial alliances. They also assist the community by making Kazué enjoyable by hosting alliance events, gamenights and more. Our current lead of this department is Girlbossares.

Code of Conduct

When joining Kazué’s community, you have chosen to follow specific guidelines. These rules must be followed at all times to prevent punishments. This is to keep our group and community members safe at all times. Below are some of our most important rules.

  • MUST be the age of 13 or older.
  • Racism, Sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ etc will not be tolerated.
  • Trolling in our community is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Trolling will result in a warning followed by a kick from our server if continued.

Before reaching out to potential affiliate, you must consult with our relations department. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a department member, as they are always happy to help! When making affiliates both groups are required to have two representatives. Representatives are to be the main point of contact with the company and announce affiliate events/announcements when requested. Potential affiliates are required to meet the requirements underneath before being considered as an affiliate.


  • The establishment should have 60+ non-botted ROBLOX members.
  • The establishment should have 100+ Discord members.
  • The establishment should have a good history within the ROBLOX community.
  • Must follow ROBLOX & Discord Terms of Services.
  • Must be willing to announce our events and applications.
  • Must have an active and professional communications server.
  • Must have two representatives on behalf of their establishment.
    • We will offer exceptions to groups who are close to the requirements. In order to gain this exemption from our requirements, please create a ticket!


  • 2 Representatives we can contact:
  • Group Links:
  • Why would you like to form an alliance with us?
  • How can we mutually benefit each other?
  • What makes your group different from other groups in your industry?

Thank you for taking interest in Kazué. Have any further questions or concerns? Be sure to contact our operations department.

Kazué Presidential Team