KB Public Handbook

Kistó│Public Handbook

:cupcake: :cookie: :doughnut: Greetings, Kistó! Welcome to the official handbook, here you will find out about ranks, alliances, and anything else you will need to start off here at Kistó! Click on any section below to find out more.

:hibiscus: Sections

⏰Training Times

8:00 AM ET | 12:00 PM ET | 6:00 PM ET | 8:00 PM ET

Trainings may also be hosted at other times, check out our Trello to view all programmed trainings.

📋Alliance Information

Are you considering an alliance with Kistó?
If so, check out our partnership information here.

📌Bakery Rules/Guidelines

Doing any of the following will result in a punishment.

[1] Trolling.
[2] Chat Flood.
[3] Bypassing the Roblox chat filter.
[4] Disrespect.
[5] Causing Drama.
[6] Ban Evading.
[7] Abusing Capitals.
[8] Point Cheating.
[9] Discrimination towards anyone.
[10] Glitching.
[11] Exploiting.
[12] KL+ impersonation.
[13] Hinting.
[14] Mini-Modding.
[15] Inappropriate actions.

👨‍🍳Get a job at Kistó!

Want to work at Kistó?
Firstly, join our group here!
Then, apply at our application center here!
Good luck!

:lollipop: Recipe Guide

:shield: Appeal Center

:thinking: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain the KL rank?
To acquire KL you must be ranked Professional within the Kistó group, must have have good grammar, be active, have good reputation within the community, must act professional, have no safechat, must be within the Kistó communications server, you must be 13+ years old, and you must get recommended by a Senior Management+. Best of luck!

Where do I apply for MR/HR?
Applications are posted on our communications server every once in a while. If you don’t want to wait for apps, rank up to KL and get noticed to become an MR!

There is a troller/exploiter/spammer in my server, what do I do?
Contact an MR+ in-game, if there are no management members playing, post a message on the group wall or create a support ticket on our communications server.

How do I rankup from Trainee?
Attend a training session! Times can be found under the “Training Times” section.