Keep the velocity when jumping on a moving part

So in my game I have been trying to make the character not fly away when jumping because of physics.

The reason is my game has gravity where the player is bound to a orbiting sphere with a gravitational mass. The only problem is when the player jumps the player doesnt go with the orbit instead the planet orbits without the player meaning that the player loses the velocity immediatly i want the player to retain the velocity so the player doesnt goes with the orbit when jumping too. I have tried alot of things but they don’t work.

Is there an efficient way that this can be fixed?


Are you trying to simulate inertia in ROBLOX? If so, this isn’t much of an easy task. I’d suggest messing with BodyVelocities. You could also try shooting a ray to the player’s feet, and getting the velocity of that, and applying it respectfully.

Based on my understandingv yes its inertia i guess