Keep unanchored tool from dropping

I have created a tool = “Plate” with a proximity prompt, where you press “E” to pick it up. Both the handle and mesh are welded together and are unanchored. The pickup system works just fine. However, on entering the experience, the “tool” falls to the floor from the shelf it’s on. Ideally, I want the tool to remain on its holder until picked up.

I have experimented with angular velocity with no real luck. Any suggestions?


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It would be helpful if you would show the properties of the “Handle”.

I assume the Handle has CanCollide on false which is pretty normal for toolhandles. Though you got a pickup system. Just make the handle CanCollide true, whether it’s done in the script or manually using the properties. As soon as the ProximityPrompt is used and the script reacts. Just set the property CanCollide of the Handle to false.

Of course the reason could be another, in this case just reply to me.

No luck. The Plate still falls. Here our the properties:


Here is the script:

local Tool = script.Parent.Parent
local ProximityPrompt = script.Parent.ProximityPrompt

local TouchInterest = script.Parent:WaitForChild("TouchInterest")

	Tool.Handle.CanCollide = true
	Tool.Parent = Player:WaitForChild("Backpack")

Setting CanCollide to false makes the tool go through parts and fall into the shadow realm.

No, I meant exactly reversed my man :smiley:
Put CanCollide to true and put it on false when the ProximityPrompt is triggered.
My bad I probably articulated myself wrong but try this out.

Well, that does make more sense :slight_smile: . That was my original setting, I thought the same thing, which led me to angular velocity. Would making it massless or no gravity make a difference?

What about anchoring the handle?

Yes, that does keep it from falling; but when you grab it your character is stuck there and cant walk away with it, or the pick-up system doesn’t engage.

Just make it unanchored when the player grabs it.

Solved it! It was a line of sight issue. As soon as it turned that false, with the script turning off anchored it worked. Thanks for the brain storming.

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