Keep using tools?

So I’m working on a new game and it involves dual wielding. So I’m questioning wether I should keep using tools or accessories. I want to use accessories as weapons so I can make dual wielding a feature. Having a tool in one hand and an accessory in the other is hard to work with. So I was thinking why not just make weapons in my game accessories? Maybe even just weld parts to the players hands. So What would be the best way to go about this?

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If you ask me, I would rather create my own weapon mechanics than utilize Roblox’s default system. This is primarily because, as you stated, Roblox’s Tool class is designed for holding one item at a time.

Ultimately it is up to you. There are ways to still use Tools and Accessories to imitate dual wielding (creating a “dual wielding” animation is one idea): it just depends on your time restrictions and programming capabilities.

Hope this helped!

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