Keeping roofs looking light/Light ambience variation

So I had this problem with some rooms intended to be dark being too bright at higher ambient lights, so I thought, why not set the ambience down and compensate with additional light sources.
However, that tends to make problems, not only is this usually more expensive performance wise but it’s also time consuming and doesn’t look very pretty.

Intended look of the ceiling

Look at dark ambience

Look at dark ambience with compensatory light

As you can see, even with a light to compensate, the ceiling looks drastically different, however I can’t remedy this by increasing the ambience as this would affect another part of the place which I want to be pitch black.

After researching I can tell Roblox doesn’t have negative light sources, shadow volumes, or localized areas of ambient light, so I am unsure what to do from this point.
Intended look of another room (well not exactly but it gets the point across)

The look if I have the ambience set to an amount that makes the other room look good.

So yea, any ideas on how I could fix this?
(Also a script that changes the ambience when you change rooms wouldn’t work, as you can clearly see the rooms between eachother.
(Also sorry for any slow response, I’m about to go on a road trip and am currently typing this up at 2am while I’m still capable of taking screenshots.)

I have the same problem… (30 limit)

You could try putting a PointLight with shadows disabled floating in the middle of the blue-walled room, in order to make the whole thing light up a bit. Another option would be to create a script that changes the ambient lighting as you move from room to room, if you know how to.

First thing can cause light leeching into other rooms and a bit more extra light on the floor than I want.

Second part could technically work but it would cause a noticeable and somewhat distracting change when moving between rooms, and when you look into a room from another room you can still see the problem.

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