Keeping un-anchored parts on tweening objects (Cabinet style)

I have made a cabinet (using @colbert2677’s concept)

And I want to move the items that are inside the cabinet relatively to the movement.
Now, the cabinet is anchored but the key however, is not.
Here is a brief gif of my issue:

This is the key being un-anchored:

You can see my issue, I want to prevent myself from using body movers to open/close the cabinet and stuff because Colbert’s method works too well for me, and I can use different easing styles on it.

I know the issue might be because it’s CFraming the entire model instead of physically moving it, and that’s where I need some help. :smile:

local tw = ts:Create(script.Parent.Base,,Enum.EasingStyle.Quad,Enum.EasingDirection.Out),{CFrame = script.Parent.Base.CFrame *,0,-2)})

As you can see the “Base” is the bottom part, which the entire cabinet is welded to.

You could just weld the key onto the cabinet drawer itself, I think this will solve the issue.

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This is a work-around, which is good enough for my current issue! :slight_smile:
(idk how i didnt think of that)