Kentwood County Alpha Update!

New Features

Weather Randomization Instead of some plain old normal sky and no weather you’ll now see rainstorms and rain…If I did it right

Drew’s Car Wash Need a wash? Head to Drew’s Car Wash! (Disclamer: Does not work yet, will work later this month.

Kelendale Housing extension We’ve added more road to the housing area and trees, houses coming next update.

Modification Shop New building to customize your license plate, car color and more! (Disclamer: Working version coming later this month with the car wash

Update can be found at: Kentwood County (REVAMP II TESTING) - Roblox

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed big hole in the highway
  • Fixed shrubbery hitboxes going onto
  • Made train tracks un collidable so your car doesn’t bump there.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements