Kestrel General Handbook

Welcome to the Kestrel Handbook! Here, you will find all the information you need to know about Kestrel, so it is advised that you refer to this if you have any questions.

General Information

These rules apply to everyone within the Kestrel community, and punishments will be given out if you do not follow them. Please note that you will only receive one warning before being kicked, and one kick before being banned. Attempting to find loopholes around any of these rules will result in a kick.

  1. Everyone within this community should be respected. Any foul language that discriminates against a race, culture, or individual will not be accepted.

  2. Spamming, trolling, advertising, provoked drama, fueled arguments, or anything along these lines are against our server’s regulations.

  3. Unnecessary pings towards staff should be kept at a minimum. Some topics can simply be kept in Direct Messages.

  4. NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content will not be tolerated. This includes pornography, gore, and other forms of inappropriate content. This includes profile pictures, statuses, etc.

  5. Cursing must be kept at a minimum. Should you disregard this, you may accumulate consequences up to a kick.

Ban Appeal

If you feel you were banned without proper reason and/or would like to apologize for your actions in return for access to the server or game, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Collect any evidence that may support your case.

  2. Write at least 1 paragraph in response detailing the date and time it happened, where, individuals involved, and the full context of the situation.

  3. Send your response to a Board of Director+ with evidence attached.

  4. Your appeal will be responded to within 72 hours.

If your ban appeal does not follow those instructions, it will be immediately disregarded.

If your ban appeal is denied, you may try again in 3 days.

If you have been blacklisted (a permanent ban for a severe issue), a formal letter must be given to a CEO+.

Do not spam or hint regarding your appeal, as doing this will mean your appeal will be automatically denied.

Rank Descriptions


Customer is the rank you receive when you join the group. A Customer is someone who shops at the homestore!

Premium Customer

You can achieve the rank of Premium Customer by buying the premium gamepass.

Noted Customer

To achieve the rank of Noted Customer, you must either be an allied representative or a former Corporate+.

Development Team

The Development Team is in charge of designing the clothing that Kestrel sells and developing Kestrel.


The modelling ranks, Amateur to Elite, can be earned by participating in and winning runway shows. You must join the Kestrel Modelling group to be ranked.



Trainees are the first Low Rank, which you receive after passing an interview session. They must attend a training session before being eligible to work at the homestore.

Floor Associate

Floor Associate is the rank you receive after attending one training session. Floor Associates can work at the homestore. However, they cannot work behind customer service, and are instead in charge of helping to supervise the homestore floor.

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialists are able to work behind customer service and the KestKafe, and assisting Customers in general.


Supervisor is the highest LR rank you can achieve. Supervisors have shown dedication to working at Kestrel. They are in charge of supervising the homestore and working behind customer service/KestKafe.


Interns are trial MRs who are going through the internship process. To become an Intern, you must pass the application in the Application Centre.


Senior Manager

Senior Managers are in charge of hosting shifts and managing homestore activity. They must also host interview and training sessions. Senior Managers are more to do with the Internal department.

Runway Host

Runway Hosts are in charge of regularly hosting runway shows. The times can be found in the Runway Show Trello. Runway Hosts are more to do with the External department.

HIGH RANKS - Beginning of Chain of Command

Board of Director

Board of Directors are the first High Rank. They are split into 3 departments:

Internal - Internal BoDs work with the Chief Operating Officers, and are required to help write documents and handle lower ranked staff.

Staffing - Staffing BoDs work with the Chief Staff Officers, and are required to help run internships and handle lower ranked staff.

External - External BoDs work with the Chief Communications Officers, and are in charge of helping manage affiliates and events within Kestrel/with allies.

From here, they can rank up to corporate officers by showing dedication and effort to their chosen department.


Chief Communications Officer

Chief Communications Officers are in charge of managing affiliates, events, and any external operations that happen in Kestrel. This rank is usually achieved by Board of Directors within the External department.

Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officers are in charge of the development of Kestrel. You do not need to be a Middle/High Rank to achieve CDO, as dedicated development team members are picked for this role.

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officers manage operations within Kestrel. They hand out strikes, promotions and demotions, and terminations. This rank is usually achieved by Board of Directors within the Internal department.

Chief Staffing Officer

Chief Staffing Officers manage Internships and lower staff ranks. They train the new Interns on their chosen role, either Senior Manager or Runway Host. This rank is usually achieved by Board of Directors within the Staffing department.


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officers are also split into three departments: Communications, Operations and Staff. They oversee their required department. These ranks are normally achieved by incredibly dedicated and hard-working corporate officers in the respective department.

Vice President

The Vice President works with the President to run Kestrel. They also oversee operations and ensure everything is running smoothly. This rank is usually achieved by extremely dedicated and hard-working corporate officers+.


The President is the owner of Kestrel. They help run operations in all departments. They make the final decisions for the group and determine the group’s future, assisted by the Vice President.

Staff Information

In order to work here at Kestrel, you must either attend interviews to become a Trainee or apply to become an Intern. Interviews are scheduled weekly, make sure to check the Session Planning Trello to find the session times.


Interview times:

Monday: 4PM EST | 7PM EST.

Wednesday: 4PM EST | 7PM EST.

Friday: 4PM EST | 7PM EST.

Saturday: 11AM EST | 2PM EST | 5PM EST | 8PM EST.

Interview Procedure

When you join the Interview Centre, you should take a seat and wait for the session to start. Please note that to work at Kestrel you cannot have safechat, as this means you can properly communicate with customers.

Once it reaches XX:00, the server will be s-locked and the session will start. The following rules will be stated:

  1. Respect all staff members and customers at all times. Failure to do so will result in an automatic fail.

  2. Do not hint towards a promotion. This also results in you failing the interview.

  3. Do not copy and paste. If your interviewer suspects that you are doing so, you will automatically fail your interview.

  4. When your interviewer approaches you, you will have 10 seconds to respond.

  5. You will have 45 seconds to answer each question. Exceeding that time limit will result in a fail.

  6. You are permitted 3 grammar mistakes. Exceeding that limit will result in the failure of your interview.

  7. Please ensure to abide by all of Roblox’s Terms of Service, that includes Kestrel’s regulations.

  8. Please stay seated at all times until you’re called in for an interview. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a kick from the server.

Once the rules have been stated, you will be brought to an interview room to do your interview. It is expected that you use excellent grammar, including but not limited to spelling and punctuation, and detail to increase your chances of passing.

If you pass, you will be ranked to Trainee. From there, you must attend a training session in order to begin working at the homestore!

If you fail, you may always try again at another session.


Trainees, Floor Associates, and Sales Specialists are to come here to train for their next rank. Supervisor is the last rank you can get at the training campus.

At the Kestrel Training Campus, there are 4 classrooms. On the left the classrooms are for interns and sales assistants. On the right, the classrooms are for assistant managers and managers. At the top of the centre is the homestore simulation. While you are in the training centre, please follow all rules of Kestrel and Roblox. Anyone who breaks the rules of either Roblox or Kestrel risks being kicked, demoted, or fired from Kestrel.

There is a Homestore for the training, you would need to join the campus and go through the portal to get to it. The homestore is only in use for the Kestrel Kafe simulation, everything else will remain at the Training Campus.

When you join the Training Centre, you should take a seat and wait for the session to start. Please note that to work at Kestrel you must not have safechat, as this means you cannot properly communicate with customers.

Once it reaches XX:00, the server will be s-locked and the session will start. The following rules will be stated:

  1. Please remain seated at all times. Do not be disruptive, and remain respectful of everyone.

  2. Grammar must be used at all times in the center. Do not spam or hint.

  3. If you are suspected of copying/pasting answers, your training will be terminated.

  4. You are given 60 seconds to answer each question and complete each task, if you exceed this limit you will be kicked for being AFK.

  5. Do not create a scene or argue with your trainer if you do not pass your training, as there will be other opportunities for you to attend another training session. A formal complaint can be filed with a CSO.

  6. If you must go AFK for a maximum of 3 minutes, you must consult your trainer first.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is expected to be followed by all ranks. The moment you join Kestrel, you have agreed to follow these standards.

Any staff member found breaking the Code of Conduct is subject to have their employment reviewed by the Internal department. Do not attempt to find loopholes as that will not be tolerated.

Homestore Expectations

You are expected to host shifts at the homestore several times per week if you are a Senior Manager. Not doing so will eventually earn you a demotion. These shifts must be logged in the Session Planning Trello in order to be counted. Please make sure you also attend several shifts each week if you are an LR in order to be considered for a promotion

Staff are expected to have the highest means of hospitality. You are to be welcoming to every guest/customer that comes into the homestore using a welcome greeting. You are to remain professional and act maturely. Grammar is also required at all times at the homestore if you are helping a customer. If you are not helping a customer and are away from the main service area, you are allowed to not use grammar but must still remain professional.

If any customers have any questions or complaints, you must answer them immediately. Ignoring any questions asked may result in a strike. If you do not know the answer, you can ask a higher rank.

When at the homestore, you are expected to remain attentive for trollers and exploiters. If you go AFK at the homestore or do not deal with disruptive customers, you will receive a strike.

In the case of a troller, you are to warn them once. If they continue, you are to kick them or contact someone who can. In the case of an exploiter, you need to take a screenshot for proof and send it to a Board of Directors+ in order for the exploiter to be banned.

Runway Expectations

Runway Hosts are expected to host at least a few runway shows per week. Not doing so will result in a strike, and eventually, a demotion.

All rules at Kestrel apply to runway shows. Staff are expected to use grammar and be polite to all attending models. You should also follow the guide.

Any staff that decide to spectate sessions should help manage disruptive models. You should keep attentive for trollers and exploiters and hand out the appropriate punishments. Any trolling models should be removed from the show.

If any models or spectators choose to argue with staff, the appropriate consequences should be given out.

Training/Interview Expectations

During a session, many expectations are set upon you to adhere to. You are to act as professional and orderly as possible. You are required to act as a role-model to all attending Trainees. If you act immaturely or unprofessionally, you will receive a strike or demotion, depending on the severity. You are also to be polite and welcoming to all attending LRs and Customers.

Any Customers attending interviews must act professionally and use grammar, as they are intending to become staff.

You are to host trainings/interviews at least a few times per week, and you must co-host or assist at sessions as much as you can. If you are found to not assist at sessions, you will receive a strike.

Behavior Expectations

Excellent behavior is required from all staff members at Kestrel. You are also to remain professional and mature at all times. It is important that you respect everyone, and any disrespect or rudeness will be punished accordingly. It is especially important for staff to show good behavior as they are role-models for the customers.

Alliance Information

In order to ally with Kestrel, your group must submit a detailed alliance application, more information can be found below. Before this, the group must meet the following requirements:

  1. The applicant’s group must surpass 5,000 members. If this is not the case, we will most likely not accept your application. Few exceptions are made if the group approaching us indicates they have the potential to grow and have already a released store/game.

  2. The group must possess professionalism from all angles. This includes professionalism from the company, higher-ranked members, and cafe/restaurant procedure and guidelines.

  3. The group must possess a good reputation within the ROBLOX community.

  4. The group must have some form of communication with us.

  5. The group must have at least 2-3 representatives.

  6. The group must not be corrupt in any way. This includes botting, fake members scam, spam, etc. We do not allow groups that sell MR+ ranks. LR ranks are fine as long as they are not given any sort of leadership or admin as a result of buying the rank.

  7. Your group must benefit Kestrel in some way, shape, or form. This includes hosting events, collaborating, frequently communicating with us, etc.

  8. The group’s employees must act professional whilst on Kestrel property. Kestrel communications members are allowed and will be able to do a thorough investigation of your company and its members.

  9. The group must agree to all the requirements/guidelines.


If you are choosing to send an alliance application, please make sure your group meets the requirements that Kestrel possesses before sending one.


All applications must be sent to a Chief Communications Officer. You must specify who it is they will be returning a letter of acceptance/declination to.

  1. What group are you submitting this application for?

  2. How many members does your group currently have?

  3. Why have you chosen to submit an alliance application to Kestrel?

  4. What kind of company does your group run? (example: clothing, cafe, restaurant, gameshow, etc.)

  5. How active is your group? How would you benefit us?

  6. How do you think we can benefit your company? Why should we be allied with your group?

  7. What does an alliance mean to you?

  8. List the representatives who will be representing your group if we do consider accepting this alliance application, along with a link to your group and communications server.