Key binding a part to show when pressing the Key Bind

So what I’m trying to do is if the player is pressing Shift, they will boost in a faster pace of speed I made the script already, but I also want to have some kind of mesh or part in the front of it like a sonic effect, to make it look better, and if the player lets go of Shift it disappears, How do I achieve this? , What scripting basics should I learn to help me achieve my goal?

What you are trying to achieve is for the game to detect user input (in this case the shift key). UserInputService is the service you will want to use. This is the API with all its relevant documentation:

@SnowieApples This is not what the OP is asking for.

Beams should act as a trail with a few adjustments to them.

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you would have to create the mesh part like in sonic the wind effect or whatever it is and position it’s CFrame infront of the players head, I’m not too sure but I believe you can lock the mesh parts CFrame around a object like the characters head or HRP, or you could use body gyros to make it float infront of the character.

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