Keyboard shortcut and hotkey hints for draggers / other tools

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to discover hidden Studio functions, shortcuts, and hotkeys.

In particular, the ability to summon the dragger handles is completely invisible and downright impossible to discover. Here is a thread that was posted today because this extremely important hotkey is completely hidden. This should not be the case.

Roblox should present important hotkey hints somewhere in the interface in a context-sensitive way. Any of these places would be a decent place to show hints.

Blender already does this.

Other functionality that could be useful to show would be the behavior of ctrl, alt, and shift when using certain draggers or selecting things. This behavior is also totally invisible, albeit some is standard behavior in other tools. Roblox’s audience is not exclusively people already familiar with common controls, so showing this information is still important.

Ctrl+L to switch between global and local mode is also useful, but it at least has a context menu entry so it’s not as important.

If there are other hidden functions in e.g. the terrain editor, these should also be able to broadcast hints. If plugin API was also provided for this hint functionality, we could boost UX of developer plugins significantly.