Keyboard shortcut assigned to "Save to Roblox" rarely works

I’ve assigned a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+R) to “Save to Roblox”:

However, it rarely works. I don’t know if it has to do with the current window the mouse is focused, but this should work in any window.


  1. Use in any game previous published (mine is still private)
  2. Assign this shortcut to “Save to Roblox”
  3. Try to save the game using this shortcut it in many situations in Studio

You may notice that it won’t work most of the time.


Hmm, trying this out, it seems to not work the first time. When you Save to Roblox through the menu once, subsequent saves via shortcut seem to work for me.

Thanks for the report! We will look into it.


I noticed that when I go to another program and then return to Studio, the shortcut stops working, even clicking on the 3D window, or properties, or any other window.

I would like to note that this behavior also applies to other actions as well. I set a hotkey for Select Children and the hotkey functions properly only after I do the action via right-click.

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