Keyboard shortcut keeps resetting

When I open up Roblox Studio, it keeps returning my duplication shortcut from “Ctrl+D” to “Shift+D”.

This started when I went to the shortcuts manager (file > advanced > customize shortcuts), went to the shortcut for duplication, and changed it to Shift+D. This happens to other shortcuts as well, but it doesn’t happen with studio settings.

I have been unable to revert this, I change the controls and they revert back once I restart studio. I currently don’t know how it occurred. I don’t know how to make the duplication shortcut stay at Ctrl+D.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember which version this bug started in, although it may have occurred in May, June, or July of this year. Community Sage PeZsmistic managed to reproduce this, but it only happened when they played around with it for a while, and that there were no obvious specific conditions that caused it.

I am running Windows 10 Home on an Inspiron 3668.


Hey Tharin,
I can replicate this behavior, and it is actually a pretty severe bug. We will get this fixed, but it may still be a bit of time before we roll anything out. In the meantime you can do one of two things.

  1. Click the Restore Defaults button in the shortcuts menu (of course this will reset ALL your shortcuts),.
  2. if you want to preserve the rest of your shortcuts, instead of trying to set the duplication shortcut to just Ctrl+D you will need to have it set to two keys, the first one not being a Ctrl modified one. E.g set it to Shift+D,Ctrl+D or p,Ctrl+D.

Still occurring, it’s been 3 months. Delete key unbinds everytime I launch Studio