Keyboard shortcut to toggle Studio UI visibility

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It’d be nice if we had a keyboard shortcut to disable Studio’s UI.

Currently with the Studio UI and minimum Studio window size, I can at most fit 2 whole Studio windows on my 1920x1080 monitor:

And even though I’m technically able to fit two, their viewports are tiny. Here’s the largest I can get two viewports on that monitor:

Without the Studio UI / minimum window size, I can easily fit four decently-sized windows on my monitor:

Disabling the studio UI allows developers to save screen real estate that is otherwise wasted on Studio interface that isn’t necessarily being used. Take my current setup for example (TV on right isn’t hooked up to computer):

Even with as much screen space as I have available, at most I can only fit a couple of studio windows on all three of those monitors right now. It’s significantly worse for someone with only one monitor. Without the Studio UI / min window size, a server + 5 clients could easily fit onto a single monitor with viewports plenty big enough:

Disabling the Studio UI can also help you get a better idea of what your game will look like in-game without actually going through the process of publishing and loading into a real server on the site.


It’d be nice to have from a quality of like standpoint for sure. Seems now that the behavior is that it borrwings the initiating studio Windows layout

You can doubleclick the “Place1” tab to make it pop out.
Then you can just move studio out of the way and keep the popped out window.

(although I still would like this feature)

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