Keyframes Animate Everything Around Me

This will probably help me in the future when I am animating.


Wonder who gets the wu-tang reference.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look into it ASAP


Next up on the road map

  1. Root Motion
  2. Scaling in Anim Editor

The new Beta editor has a smaller minimum height than the current editor, and only shows tracks that have keyframes in them, so it’s easier to find tracks you’re looking for and should take up less space on the screen.


Plugin_AnimationClipEditor.rbxm.AnimationClipEditor.Src.Util.RigUtils:59: attempt to index nil with 'FindFirstChildOfClass'
I get this error that completely errors the plugin until you reopen studio, after deleting the animation controller(or humanoid) inside the model that was being animated. (This should probably be handled more gracefully?)
I can also enable IK on a model that shouldn’t be able to support IK, which errors with a extremely long call stack that I won’t post here.


Would you be able to provide me the model you are using so that I can quickly identify the cause?

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character.rbxm (6.9 KB)
It’s essentially a R15 rig without attachments.


That would definitely do it. We’ll get a fix in right away. Thanks!

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Right let’s start with the feedback lol.
Firstly this update it’s really good, there are some things you should change/add to give more power for the animator:
(This is more general feedback, not really only about the update)

  • The IK it’s actually good, but you can’t control well the knees, a support bone or something to move them from side to side would be cool. (Or just add this ability when the new S models release)

  • Setting to change the timeline from Time(s) to Frames.

  • More easing styles, let’s be honest, the ones that are rn are pretty good, but they are never enough :wink:

  • If you feel like you can maybe a visualization of the trajectory of the part/body that you can toggle on and off like a ghost.

  • Smaller interface (or make it configurable)

  • Extra: Graph editor when (maybe 2021-2022 right? :slight_smile: )

The animator editor has been improving lately, keep the good work! Also thanks to the team behind the development of the animator you guys are doing really good.
That’s all I have for now, maybe in the future I will bother you more with more stuff.


I am a bit confused with how to use the IK system, the post states “but you’ll have to make your own constraints!” but I am confused with what this means. When I tried a rig system of mine and used it with Motor6D’s and hitting the IK button, the Manage IK window said “Enable IK to start animating with IK constraints”, however I do not see any option to enable IK unless I am missing something.

Wow! i can’t believe this feature is coming! now i can finnaly get my desired poses more faster than i already can! this is the best, thank you

So far I really only have one complaint.
I should be allowed to shrink this. I don’t see why I need so much empty space if this is how I decide to have my screen. I know it’s because the top elements are all scrunched but they could easily just move to a new line.

This is a first world problem but I really would appreciate this kind of thing in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


These are things we can definitely consider for the future! About setting timeline from time to frames…this is doable now if you click the gear icon in the top right corner of the editor and change the setting under Timeline Units.

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There should be a button at the very bottom of the Manage IK window for enabling!

Thanks for answering! Will check that time to frame switch, also it’s also nice to see that some of the improvements I listed are actually possible, can’t wait to see what you guys do, keep the good work :)!

I figured it out, the button was actually cut off of the bottom of the screen when it was originally at the bottom left corner under my chat window when it was embedded, by dragging it out as its own window I saw the button. That issue should be fixed so other people using it don’t have the same issue of it cutting off the bottom if its embedded.

WOW. I can’t believe how well the new IK stuff works with the ragdoll constraints I already have set up on my custom characters.

I’ve been waiting so long for this and I don’t even have to change anything to take advantage of it. It even supports the weird hack I did with rope constraints to keep the wings from separating too far. :heart:


@GeneralRelish Are we getting a non-character rig added to the Rig plugin that comes in Studio? (you can select different R15/R6 to insert etc but not a non-character rig).

Thanks for figuring that out, we will work on a fix!