Keyframes Animate Everything Around Me

We’re not currently looking at expanding the Rig Builder plugin. However, we are adding a number of features to make building your own non-character rig easier.


Wow, this is a much-needed update for me. I am curious though, are there any tutorials on creating IK constraints for non-humanoid rigs? I can’t seem to figure that part out.


Last year, I’ve created AnimationAPI to help me ‘animate everything around me’ using Lua code. I’m glad this update made it no longer necessary; that API sucked!

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How do you import mocapped animations?

The animation still needs to be an fbx and imported in the same manner as any other model/animation into Roblox Studio. When we say “mocap”, we are really just supporting animations with a higher density of keyframes.


Other than this wiki page, no tutorials exist that I am aware of:

Assuming you have your model already set up with attachments and motor6D’s, creating the constraints is as easy as putting them in the model and specifying their attachment0 and attachment1 to be attachments between the two parts you want to constrain.

The tricky and time consuming parts are:

  • Determining what constraint to use that works best for your model
  • Making sure the axes are set up properly on the attachments you provide to the constraint
  • Getting the right constraint limit values to get the motion you want

Sometimes, after some time, the editor deletes almost all tracks, and then refuses to add more. After this occurs, it stops listing all of the parts in the selector(It’s a standard R15 rig). Also It’s showing LeftFoot here, which wasn’t even in the original animation.

I’m not sure how to reproduce this at all, as it rarely happens. Sorry for the frustrating bug report, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ll keep an eye out and try to reproduce it on our end. By any chance, do you see any errors in your output window when this happens?

This just started. This can be reproduced in a new baseplate place with a dummy mesh rig.

Ah, I didn’t realize there was a beta feature. The beta is working, the live version is not.


I feel like this was needed but we also should’ve seen other features along with it like uploading animations. I just don’t understand it because this was an unexpected update that you guys clearly worked on but can’t seem to even give us any information about the Q3 features you promised us. We haven’t even seen a recent post about the Q3 features. Nothing big has been shown in a while and I just don’t understand what is up at the Roblox HQ rn.

here’s another bug
sometimes selecting the entire text in a textbox then pressing backspace only deletes the rightmost character

Roblox has hundreds of employees. I guarantee you that the animation editor improvements did not displace any of the Q3 announcements. The timing of this simply means that the animation editor team is probably working pretty quickly or the other teams are running behind.

As far as I know, these changes were in the design phase while I still worked at the HQ in February. Roblox has a pretty fantastic product management team that’s very good at staying on top of timelines, but very few product managers anywhere in the world can do much about a hard engineering problem.


Great! it’s definitely better this way.

Good job!

While I love this new editor, I have 1 issue. I can no longer paste animations IDs into the manual ID entry box for importing animations. It’s not critical, just annoying. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I can’t paste anything after using the editor, into any window, until I copy again. Is the amazing new fix for pasting in the editor just sneakily wiping my clipboard?

Amazing update, really impressed.
This is an astounding overhaul for the animation suite and one sourly needed, thank you.
This is a great step in the right direction and I can’t thank the Engineers over at roblox enough.
That said the animation suite still needs a lot of work to keep up with other major competitors, especially now they are officially up there! My three biggest pet peeves now are:

  • Cross support with Blender and similar.
  • Armature and Mesh Deformation.
  • [Linked point] Mesh Count.

Which constraints do you use for the wings?

I’m using primarily ballsockets for joints, welds, and ropes to ensure the wing sections don’t separate too far.

The constraints were designed for ragdoll stability and appearance so they’re not fully flexible for animation. The actual parts that make up the wings are also by no means the best shapes for animating flight, but they work well for other animations the character needs to do, so the trade-off was okay. I’m redesigning this character at some point anyway.

image image image


What about quaternion easing + IK poles? The only reason I prefer Blender’s animation editor over roblox is because of those features


Any plans for more animation easing styles in the future? One of the main reasons I use moon at the moment is because of the sheer lack of easing styles supported by the default animation editor.

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While the animation editor is selected and you launch play solo, keys used by the editor are unavailable in the testing session. Specifically I tested with Space, and R. This does not affect ContextActionService and only UserInputService.

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