Keystone Middle School - Interview Questions

  1. How can you make Keystone a better place for everyone?

  2. What timezone are you in?

  3. Can you be active daily and help contribute to Keystone?

  4. How would you handle someone roleplaying as a bad student?

  5. Correct the Sentence: Al Coputer scence students should learn computer operating, typing, and how to programme computerz?

  6. How long do you plan to stay an active staff member?

  7. Explain your personality and how it helps you do the job better?

  8. What skills do you obtain that makes you better than your competition?

  9. What is your favorite part of Keystone and why?

  10. Out of all the others schools, why did you choose keystone?

Age Text < 50 only, please!

Professionalism is key! Please only hire people you KNOW will benefit the group! :slight_smile:

Grading Interviews
Each interview question is scored out of 10 points equalling to 100 to allow for quick and easy grading. You must score an 88.509 to be ranked Awaiting Training. (Partial credit for each question can be awarded if you believe the answer is not worthy of 10 points)


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