Kicking Players when they Press a TextButton

Hi, developers! I’m extremely new to this stuff, and I’m having some trouble with my script:

So I want to kick a specific player that clicks on a specific TextButton within a frame. For some reason though, my code (in a LocalScript within the TextButton) isn’t working:

local plr = game.Players:GetPlayers()

	plr:Kick("You have been kicked for not accepting the rules.")

I looked in the “Player:Kick” page of the Developer Hub, but couldn’t quite comprehend it. Any help?


Players:GetPlayers() returns a table of players, and that table doesn’t come with a Kick field.

Use Players.LocalPlayer instead

You could do it like

       game.Players.LocalPlayer:Kick('You got kicked')

game.Players.LocalPlayer would find your player (kinda)

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So I said:

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer

And it worked! Thanks!

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Yes, that is correct. Just make sure it is a local script.

Thank you! I see this is an alternate way to do it.